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    Official site Sengoku Asuka ZERO cheat world: it is the Sengoku period, and the land of Japan is at war. Warriors clash, each battling for heart and home. From the chaos of the battlefield emerges the Kokujo clan. In the flash of a draw blade, their master kagetsuna has conquered the west. This one warrior stands poised to redraw the lines of power across Japan. As the Kokujo clan begin their march east, one clan rises to meet their challenge. The Aoba clan! Kuninaga is famed for her valor and beloved by her warriors and townfolk alike. Kuninaga implements her grand strategy… Fortifying the thus far impenetrable Aoba castle. Everything hangs in the balance as the Kokujo break against the castle walls. But on the fifth night of the siege, everything suddenly changes...


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    do you wish to be spirit trainer? Here i have 3 spirits looking for trainer choose: venusee, charizze, blasteese. These days are rather chaotic, and i’m injured also. It we meet trouble, then it’s not good. This is your first. Along the path, the more spirit you have the more help you can get. Let’s develop our town! Firstly, tap a warrior spirit to praise them. Advance the story to get new warriors. Tap a character with a heart mark to praise her. Her fealty will increase? So will your town’s population!

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    Heroes with a lightbulb mark have an idea for you! YOu can build new buildings. Your town will keep growing. As you greet and praise your warriors, their fealty to you increases. As your town grows, world will spread and more townsfolk will come to live here. The hearts above your characters replenish endlessly, so you don’t need to hold back! Let’s make sure we let them know they’re doing a good job! You can periodically speak to the warriors of your town. As the population grows.
    Sengoku Asuka ZERO gift box
    I think if we had somewhere travelers could rest, we’d see more people coming through our town. The townsfolk will make suggestions to you about improving it. Once you’ve heard the proposal it’s time to implement it. Teahouse - earn coins. The coins earned, as well as the maximum that can be held, increases with building level. levels up with population increase. As you grow closer to your warriors, they will suggest more plans for weapons and buildings. Sword Dojo - raised the ATK and DEF of slash type warriors. Bonus increases with building level. Levels up with fealty.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Buildings provide a variety of benefits for the town. Simply leave it to the townsfolk and they’ll get to building. Let’s talk about how aid works before we enter battle. Aid when another user’s warriors come to join you in battle. There are various conditions which must be met before aid will come. At the end of a battle you can request an alliance with those who came to help. Having allies is an indispensable component of building your castle town, so let’s make some friends.Be sure to make as many requests as you can.

    Sengoku Asuka ZERO tutorial (wiki): shrine - trains and promotes your warriors. All you have to do is select the level you want to reach. Training costs coins, so be strategic. Each warrior has only one weapon type they are skilled with. A slash damage warrior can only equip slash weapons, so be mindful of this when choosing your equipment. As your warrior continues to use a weapon their proficiency with it increases. Once they have mastered a weapon, special weapon effects remain even when the weapon has been unequipped.

    Note (tricks): a warrior that has mastered their weapons is one to be feared in battle. When you get a new weapon, equip it to a warrior you want to make stronger. And remember, through recruitment you can bring new hero to our banner.

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