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    Official site Demons Are Crazy cheat world: so you’re another soul applying to be Satan? As the adjudicators for the event..i’m obligated to give you this campaign fund. Use it wisely. I won’t be granting out anything else you don’t deserve. Back down below to the main hall and pick your demon vessel. I’ll send you a guide demion to help you out with the process. Don’t come bother me any more until you get a very high rank. Agony is life without and end...


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    Just so you know, we are at soul tower, the capital of the underworld. You probably must have heard, our previous satan has fallen and we’re looking for a new ruler. It’s easy, here in the abyss, we only believe in the strong. SO all you need to do is to create some havoc, gather a lot of fame and you will rise in rank. Whoever reaches the highest rank first, will become our new satan. In other word, people with a lot of fame will become the ruler, sounds familiar right? Well anyway, let’s summon you a demon vessel. Go to summon altar and pick any demon you like. Just make sure that the demon you pick has the play style you want.

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    Demon list: Viktor (mechanized zombie) - is the ultimate killing machine who destroy everything in its path to revenge his mysterious creator. Xunwu (monkey king) - is the demonic monkey king, heir of the sun god. He seeks nothing but the total incinerate of the worlds by the power of his blazing sorcery. Matti (murderous pumpkin) - is a deranged serial demon killer who loves to pop out from no where to take his cardiac prize. Mhaou (dragon general) - the underworld army’s overlord, is preparing for wars! its demonic dragon blood is boiling with rage and it will surely turn any battlefield into a scorching wasteland. Menalisa (romance witch) -is the eccentric witch who put on love curses on all those who comes across her path. She fights to lift a death curses which she accidentally placed on her beloved husband.
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    Amy (holy beast) - is the little chimerian who has emerged from the secret woods to reclaim the honor of her ancient tribe. Don’t let her cuteness fool you or you’ll surely fall prey to her mythical hammer. Troth (dead prophet) - is the death prophet who gives guidance to the lost souls. Using ancient reanimation spells, he commands a fear some legion of undead who has been misled to join his army. Nija (shadow assassin) - comes from a secret assassin tribe of the east. She is accompanied by her spirit sister Niko who helps double all her effort. Verin (ice boxer) - is XunWu’s ice twin brother. He only enter the conquest to stop his brother from taking over the throne. Fay (spell wizard) - is the insi wizard who uses her supreme arcane wisdom to overcome any obstacle. While she is often very quiet, her magic is very loud and extremely destructive.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: alright, seem like you have a demon ready to battle in the arena. The higher you are in your rank, the more demon you can possess. And don’t forget, the more demons in your faction, the better chance you have at winning. War altar - it will help connect you to the different realms of hell. To assume the little of satan, you must conquer and gain fame over the seven realms. Each realm of deadly sins will requires a different task to conquest. Human souls are primary sources of demon energy. Each type refill different HP, MP or SP, and increase your satanic gauge by 1. Remember, ghosts can be hard to spot, you just have to get close to them.

    Demons Are Crazy tutorial (wiki): finish various quests to gain fame and various rewards. When your fame gauge is full you’ll gain new ranks, which comes with new stages difficulties, new equipments, and etc. There’re also various prize for difference acts you commit. Take the grand teller’s challenge and journey inside the living vault. Crush as many baphy pot for coins within limited time and get riches. The most important thing here is to hit others and don’t get hit you back. Kill your enemies! Push left mouse button or contoler’s right shoulder repeatedly to perform combo attack. some demons will shoot projectiles out with normal attack. They will fly toward your targeting cursor location. For MMO type character, this targeting cursor will be your mouse cursor location while for other demon type, it will always be at the center of the screen.

    Note (tricks): Once your cursor is over a target, you can locked it down by pressing middle mouse or push right analog down. After that all your attack will fly toward it. To release locked target, simply press the same button again. You can also cycle locked target between allies by pressing tab or left analog button. When you reach certain level, your skill will become available. To use them, simply press 1-6 button to activate it. If it is a instant skill, then it will be activated right away. Area skill will show the target are first. You need to confirm location by pressing it again. Target skill, on the other hand, will require that you have a target first. If you don’t have a target and it is a friendly skill, it will be use on yourself.

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