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    The plan of the article:
    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

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    last city android, ios hack

    One of our scout Agent finally found the Entrance to one of the space hangar abandonned ceturies ago.
    HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
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    We hope to establish a connection to our long lost hyperdrive space station. If we succed, we will be able to remotely call down generators on earth. We must not let our dome run out of energy last city.

    Tap a reticle to attack a specific enemy. Tapping enywere else will attack the closest enemy. SLide up and hold the run button to dash across the gap.

    Agent Morler's last transmission ended with 3 monstruous parasite scream. In our excitement finding hope for our last city, we didn't notice the automatic recording of Agent Morler's location lost his track hours. We sent all our scout agents around this last position, but it might take weeks before we find the Hangar again. We can't do much for Agent Morler for now. And we must power our Dome's energy last city immediately, or everything will be lost. Shall our Dome run out of energy, even for one minute, and the last humans on Earth will die.

    In the distant future, the earth's atmosphere became very dangerous for humans. One last city reamined, protected under a huge Dome. We don't know much what's left ou. So we designed Drones to build platforms outside for the power generators, that gather the energy. Problem is, some unknown creatures appeared from nowhere and began stealing our energy. That's why we created in last city ios the Dome defense force, to protect our energy from those creatures.

    how to enter cheats last city

    Agent Nuvak got severely injured, and was taken to the medical bay. The energy fluctuation was caused by a new parasitic form, which lives on the energy we produce. The explosion killed it, but our Generator's heavity damaged.
  • how and where enter
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