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    Official site Lords of Empire Elite cheat world: my lord, castle is the core of our kingdom, upgrading it is the beginning of the empire’s development. Thanks for the wisdom of our ancestors, we mastered the subtle cues of speed up. Excellent, use free acceleration wisely as it can make our kingdom grow faster than the enemy’s. Soldiers are the core of combat. Construct barracks to ensure adequate soldiers first. Train some soldiers, enemies may invade at any time.


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    Build resource constructions to secure resources supplies for development. You can check your external and internal reinforcement armies. Upgrade Embassy to raise your max level of defense troops. There are many resource plots outside the castle. Let’s send troops to gather resources to increase our supplies. Gathering resources takes time. Let’s go back to take care of our interior affairs.

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    COmplete recommended quest to get more rewards for development. House provides population. Training soldiers consumes population, which will be recovered every 10 minutes. Need 2 hours to refill. Medic tent houses wounded soldiers. Upgrade training grounds to raise training speed and the number of soldiers your can train at a time. You can use speed up hack item to reduce your construction time. Complete quests to receive speed up items.
    Lords of Empire Elite gift box
    My lord, joining an alliance can help you develop faster. Allies can help you speed up your building, healing and research. Besides, you can buy items in alliance shop. Complete alliance quests to get abundant rewards, joining for the first time can get 200 gems. Allies can help you upgrade buildings. Check alert messages to know the enemies, so you can set good defense.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can check battle report to see the battle details. In dragon nest, you can upgrade dragon, put powerful equipments on them and use different skills. It was read in the scrolls of empire that dragons show up when this world is in chaos and a wise king could learn to summon and control them. Resources (mine, quarry, farm, sawmill) - place to produce and hold wood, stone, food, iron.

    Lords of Empire Elite tutorial (wiki): upgrade to increase its output and storage capacity. Defend Home - Make traps and train soldiers and upgrade dragon nest to protect your castle. Burn buildings, and defeat monsters, boss, and your enemies. A legendary war strategy requires both good defense and attacks! Find Allies, commanders, Friends and Clash with Enemies! Fight with your kingdom’s allies and launch counterattacks on enemies.

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