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    Official site Stars of Ravahla cheat world: player, an 18 years old youth, earns his living by collecting ores. In an accident, he discovers an artifact - the Moraken compass. With stardust shards, he summons an ancient hero, Spica, to come to his aid. Watch out, a monster is blocking our way. It’s attacking us! Avoid its attack by moving hero portrait on the compass. If attack cannot be evaded we need to heal before the next attack comes.


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    If mana is full you can use hero skill to absorb the damage. Double tap the hero to use its skill. We can use the skill of the attackers to beat enemy down. Let’s gear up ourselves before advancing. I know a good way to start with. Equipment summon: superior, epic and legendary. There can be only 4 heroes in a team.Let’s put the new hero into the team. Tap the new character, then “use” button.

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    Don’t forget, we haven’t put on the equipment we just got from summon. A hero can equip 2 types of equipment: weapon and armour. Greater stamina potion - restore stamina, and continue your adventure. Click achievement to receive rewards and check unfinished achievement. The hero’s skill deal widespread damage to the enemies. The skill allows you to attack multiple enemies at once. Strategic use of skill can be very effective.
    Stars of Ravahla gift box
    Blood thirst - hero claws the area in front of him 5 times, and an additional 3 times if the hero is below 60% of max HP. Safeguard - protect party with shield, each absorbing maximum of 500 dmg lasts for 5 seconds. Restoration- heal party every second. Sword beam - shoots a long magical beam towards enemies for 10 times in the duration. Cleaving strike - hero cleaves enemies, dealing dmg to each of them.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: earn experience to invest in level up your heroes This allows you to increase your abilities. If you press the activated button, level up is in progress. Then, you become stronger. Level up is done automatically by default but you can also choose manual level up in option. You will get orbs, which are used to upgrade your abilities. Once upgraded, your abilities will be preserved even if you choose to return.

    Stars of Ravahla tutorial (wiki): upgrade your ability by pressing the activated button! You will know that one of your abilities has been enhanced in your UI. You can click the hero icon to open the UI for information. Characters can be also upgraded the abilities by investing orbs. Remember that once upgraded abilities are maintained even if you choose to return. Hero’s abilities and skill upgrades are preserved even if reincarnated.

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    8. KbAjS7lrdCs7IMe - gift box
    9. PBaYAohbXm6vMk6 - vip ticket
    10. nyLP2TWN9KJAcm9 - vouchers
    11. RnbZ2SQjD3Da7f6 - premium pack
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