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    Official site Warships Universe cheat world: the battle for the sea has always been the main theme of the world wars since the age of discovery. Since the beginning of the 20th century, new warships had been built as technology advanced. From the shore to the ocean, deep sea to the sky, the scale and influence of the naval warfare had been growing continuously. All nations had their eyes on the important seas, routes and islands. Now, let’s go back to the war are and experience those classic naval battles.


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    On 31 may 1916, Vice admiral Hipper of the German Navy lead 5 battlecruisers to form a “lure fleet” and encountered a mobilized fleet led by Vice admiral Beatty from the U.K. Navy. In the beginning, the german navy had a significant advantage due to high hit rate, after two british battlecruisers “indefatigable” and “Queen Mary” were sunk, and admiral Scheer first arrived at the battlefield with the main fleet. Beatty’s fleet was in a very passive position, but the germans’ good time did not last long. The British main fleet arrived soon after, and there were a lot of them. Vice admiral Hipper’s flagship, Lutzow was heavily damaged he head to gave it up. The german high seas fleet immediately faced a danger of total loss. In the end, the german fleet managed to retreat to the port, with Battleships as the main characters, the battle of Jutland came to an end. But aircraft carries and long distance submarines emerged, a more magnificent era of naval battle was coming. Are you ready to take part in the upcoming battle?

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    Warships Universe tutorial”  /> <br /> Our base - we will start from here and build you fleet. We need more ships in our fleet. You can construct new battleship in the shipyard. It has great defense. Advanced construction consumes diamonds, but produces better ships. Co-op battles - fight against bots in cooperation with other players. Available in the battle type selection menu. Detectability range by sea - range at which the ship can be detected by an enemy ship. Free cam allows you to look around while your guns remain where last aimed.  <img src=
    You need only let go of the right mouse button to go back to your previous view. In rare occurrences you can hit the citadel of an angled ship if your shells overmatch the enemy’s armor. For your first match, be sure to have the coop battles gamemode selected.Before you go into a game, go into settings>controls and enable a collection of Qol features such as smoke boarders, main armament counters, etc. Once you get in a game, press tab to open the scoreboard, and familiarize yourself with the callouts.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when aiming your cursor at certain targets, allies, objectives, you adjust the callout to relate to that team member, objective. Do your best to stick with your team. Safety in numbers is a thing here. More guns does not always mean good things. Sometimes the best thing to do is sacrifice a gun or two improve your survivability. You will always have one best friend in game - the minimap. become very good friends with it. You can modify the information you receive from the map by ctrl clicking the “Cog” icon above the map. having such information displayed visually is a massive help.

    World of Warships tutorial (wiki): in game currency: ship xp - can be used towards researching new modules for the ship you have been playing. Credits - used for purchasing premium consumables, buying new ships and buying modules (to made a few uses). free xp - a pool of XP that can be used for any ship. Stick to cruisers as you are learning the game, they are the most adaptable and are the easiest to just “pickup and use” in the early tiers. Take your time, don’t go racing down a single tech line of ships. As a new player, take your time trying as many ships as possible to find a line that suits your playstyle.

    Ship classes: cruisers (CAs); jack of all trades ships - boasting decent firepower, maneuverability, and excellent AA batteries. Battleships (BBs): juggernaut powerhouses - sporting massive health pools and unrivaled firepower. Slow and hard to turn. Destroyers (DDs): fast and stealthy scouts - ninja - like concealment and devastating torpedo loadouts. Smoke screens for covering allies. Aircraft carriers (cvs) supportive ships - dive, torpedo bombers and fighters that give the rest of the fleet support.

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