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    Official site Fantasy Adventure cheat world: over thousands of years, the primitive crystal has been guarding the Arafat empire. And the devil now covers its hidden power. The demon lord Augusta launched a violent attack on the empire. Helpless people have prayed to the goddess of Estee. The goddess could not bear the thought of mankind's extinction, so she sent the god pet to help humanity fight against the devil. At this point the demon lord attempted to destroy the empire in one fell swoop, and released all of his dark forces.


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    In order to protect the continent, Goddess Estee sacrificed herself to seal the demon lord away. And her residual soul turned into the four cube crystals. Over thousands of years, people became accustomed to peace. And time healed the trauma left by the ancient war. The memory of the goddess Estee who sacrificed herself for humankind gradually faded people began to lose slowly faith in the gods. And the seal, maintained by the power of faith, began to gradually weaken.

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    Controls: adventurer, please move the joystick and try to go into the circle of light. Press the dodge key to evade the energy attack. Upgrade skills to improve your efficiency, and more handsome during PK process. Draw chests for a quick access to gears or gear shards. YOu have become much stronger after you’ve put the gear on! YOu cannot reclaim battled pets. Unload it first if you wish to reclaim it.
    Fantasy Adventure gift box
    Adventure, in order to rewards your heroic move, i will forge an artifact for you, which will greatly enhance your strength. Sound bow - the unstoppable artifact that the wandering knight equipped ten thousand years ago, glittering with red light and can not be stopped. Quest - the more you grow the more the rewards. Pet star-up can greatly enhance the power of pets. Complete main quests to get gold and forge crystal.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: get 3 star clearance to enable blitz feature. Inlav and upgrade gems can make you stronger than others players. Enable the auto battle feature to free your hands! Though you still need to release the skills manually. Pet - train your combat partners. There are 7 gear qualities: c,b,a,s,s+,r, r+. Fast upgrade can quickly upgrade levels of all gears.

    tutorial (wiki): lock the rare gears you do not wish to forge. Family war enables at 20:00 every night. Participate in it to get honor reward. Summon x10 will get a s level or above quality pet. Various adventure maps awaiting for your fight. PvP and GvG - win friends on journey. Develop pets advance with courage. Dazzling suits - fantastic visual experience.

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    1. wkNnotEynAMiP4i - orange gear
    2. FGuaWoT17JC657F - gold draw
    3. eVg14YzV7vfOQOt - forge crystal
    4. JO0Ii4vayj7aQz8 - gift box
    5. wLgilol6eX4iFis - diamonds
    6. c8oRzBQb93h4Wob - premium pack
    7. z8N1OasYSIbfbGd - lucky speed
    8. T7PlQbmzkXkpS3M - hearts
    9. Qw8oS7Hg4gZvukI - energy
    10. wcAXP0kdoaiq7Dy - pets
    11. ZsMlllSQDfutO7b - vip ticket
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