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    Official site GrandChase cheat world: three goddesses descended to the center of the continent of Archimedia, where they founded the kingdom of Kounat, whose brilliant magical civilization. The demon Heitaros of the extremist faction invaded Aernas and the three goddesses fought to stop him. After the prophecy of 12 disciples, the tower of Disappearance appeared. One being was waiting for Grand chase and that being was Kaze’aze. After a battle that felt like an eternity they were once again able to save Aernas from danger.


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    When everyone thought it was all over a dimensional chasm opened and they were swallowed up by the great darkness. Do you think we’ll ever meet the grand chase? Perhaps, if fate decides it then it could be possible. As long as their grand chase continues...Now entering adventure dungeon. From the world map, you can select a playable zone.

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    Control guide: basic movement - touch the ground to move to the desired location. During battle, you can only drag to move. Automatically start fighting with monsters while moving. Arrows display the direction of progress in a dungeon. Move towards the initial touched spot and the party will arrange toward the direction of the drag. You can move the party by dragging. YOu need SP in order to use skills. Touch an area to use a skill. Drag to move the party away from the enemy’s attack.
    GrandChase gift box
    In the edit party menu, you can add heroes to your party or change them. Select a hero to participate in your party. Select the slot that the party member will be deployed to. Even during combat, you can force your heroes to move by dragging to the desired location. Drag yourself to an advantageous position. Based on the drag direction, your party will reposition themselves. Touching an area will move the party and fight all enemies they meet. Drag will make the ignore the enemies and move.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: party skill can be used after using normal skills 6 times. In training, you can upgrade job specific stats. If you upgrade ranged then all ranged heroes will have stats increased. The items required for increasing job type stats can be acquired from hero’s tower and guild point shop. You can train your party skill to enhance your attacker party skills.

    tutorial (wiki): with a jackpot ticket you can summon a great hero and with gems you can summon heroes and monsters! I’m curious to see what heroes you get. You can purchase a cost effective package filled to the brim with grat items. Just looking at it makes you feel good. You can purchase various resources, which some can be used to purchase items! Make sure not to be wasteful.

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    5. Se4OR8v9XZVukjy - upgrade
    6. MQ9ASvIPXqLrDZC - gift box
    7. s7fByDElTq3ayWd - level up
    8. 8SdUdinrOjKlf5O - vip status
    9. ojsZjeIE0cSf43C - evolve
    10. O6PGvn85ScXpmZx - gold
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