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    Free cheats code list Dune Wars - resources (water, gold), upgrade, level up, gift box, legendary troops, vip status, premium pack, ruby, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Dune Wars cheat world: we have been expecting you, commander. As your aide de camp, i will keep you abreast of the latest intelligence. The enemy is closing in, and we need to set up a perimeter posthaste. Commander menu - here you can enlist renowned officers from around the world. Win reputation in battle and promote your rank for a chance to command the greatest generals.


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    By completing missions assigned from on high, you can promote in rank and expand the purview of your command. Research is vital to every facet of the war effort. An edge in research progress will empower us to dominate the battlefield. Your weapons of war are stored in the armory. Here you can refit armaments with powerful upgrades.

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    This is your new base. I’m too old to take care of it, but i can show you around. Gold is used to make new buildings. You have a gold mine, but you need a space to store it. Place the storage in the center of base so it is well protected. You can spend some red rubies to speed things up. Water is essential for troop training and research. Hiring a second builder will let you start two constructions simultaneously. Build more walls so we are better protected from invaders.
    Dune Wars gift box
    We can build new buildings thanks to the headquarter upgrade. Place sniper tower in the center of the base. We must protect the base. Upgrade the gold mines, it will produce more gold. Great job on growing your base, but make sure you protect it. Upgrade buildings, build new ones, the whole base is counting on you! Tower defense ended: the dark forces were repelled. However, a part of them escaped and planned to reinforce their forces to attack our world. They determined to avenge their defeat using so many new types of weapon.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: select a slot o=to display all owned gems of the same shape. It’ll be more effective after equipping if you choose a gem with the option best suited for the hero. The attributes of the equipped gem have been transferred to the hero. The ability of a gem becomes more powerful as it is enhanced. Gem enhancement requires a specific amount of gold. Enhancements after gem +5 can fail, but the gem itself will not disappear.

    tutorial (wiki): orichalcum, adamantium, and obsidian are three resources, that will play an important role if you want to establish your dominance.Mine all - here, you can check the resource production amount per hour, as well as the max capacity you can accumulate for each resource. With the mine all button, you can collect all resources at once, regardless of the type. Resource quarries can be upgraded. Upgrading increases production amount and the max capacity of the quarry. Resources are crucial if you want to become powerful, so remember to collect them whenever you can!

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    1. BgwidGZ7FKWxMOJ - resources (water, gold)
    2. 7KQEMYgWa2Bb1ef - upgrade
    3. wxRUd1KC1dEesxT - level up
    4. HGBUWKmRS7W0YFe - gift box
    5. n0wJ1la8whmHA46 - legendary troops
    6. cuSS4ozIh9SkqHO - vip status
    7. 7uiskUBolL5meWH - premium pack
    8. 0OzrRiybFt090dt - ruby
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