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    Official site Heroes of Elements cheat world: tap the card icon on the bottom of the screen to go to the card collection page. Tap character card, then tap equip to add hero to the team formation. Then select an empty slot to place the card. Now you can go back to the campaign page to continue the adventure. Similar to rock paper scissors, an element is stronger than its next element, but weaker than the previous one. Matching the same gem type with your hero’s element can maximize damage.


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    The effective \ ineffective icon appears above the enemy card indicates whether you have advantage against that enemy. Swap and match 3 gems to attack. Your attack power is based on how many gems destroyed in one turn. Matching 4 or 5 gems in patterns generate special gems. Try to match gems with the same gem type as you current hero. It can boost your attack power and recharge skills.

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    Now you have earned enough hero cards for Odin to level up. Let’s go to the card collection page. Tap the hero you want to level up. Blue bar indicates how many cards you need to level up to the next level. Match gems with the same element as the hero to change his skill. When the icon is lit up, tap to use the skill. Then select a highlighted card as the target.
    Heroes of Elements gift box
    During the battle, you can keep pressing any hero card for 1 second to view its details such as attributes and skills. Tap different enemy card to switch target when necessary. Our melee hero can only attack targets in front first, while the ranged heroes can attack any target on field. YOu get mythrils by winning the battle with 3 stars for the first time. Mythrils can be used to upgrade your hero’s skills. They are very rare, so use them wisely.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: PvP - be prepared to test your skills against other players’ teams around the world, and get more rare resources by winning the battle. Your melee unit can’t attack enemies in the back row when they are protected by their front row units. In the marketplace, you can find many rare resources, such as element shards, mythrils, along with hero cards and stamina refill. They can be quite helpful to your journey.

    tutorial (wiki): elemental advantages: metal >wood > earth >water > fire > metal. Remember to use hero skills, it can be a great help for your adventure. Each daily rift level can only be played once per day, but it will be a rewarding trip for you. YOu can replay campaign levels to get more resources, and even brand new heroes. Don’t have enough mythril to level up hero skills? Try to win a level with 3 stars or hack cheats.

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