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    Official site Bungo Stray Dogs Tales cheat world: i’ve heard of them in rumors. The armed detective agency. Legends say they specialize in the kind of tasks that cannot be entrusted to any police or military groups. They exist in a world between night and day. A group of legends shrouded in mystery… Controls: on the field, you will see affinity orbs and a marble. Similar to using a slingshot, place your finger on any part of the field, and pull back. Aim for the Affinity orbs, and release your finger to launch the Marble.


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    Larger affinity orbs must be hit several times in order to clear them. It may help to bounce the Marble off of the walls. After clearing Affinity orbs, characters with the same attribute as the orbs will attack. Be sure to aim for affinity orbs with the same attribute as your characters first. You can check an enemy’s attribute by looking at the color of their HP gauge.

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    Bungo Stray Dogs Tales tutorial”  /> <br /> In addition to the five attributes, there is also a neutral attribute. There are no damage boosts or reductions when battling an enemy with a neutral attribute. You will also see Omni orbs. These are a combination of the other five Affinity orbs, and clearing it is the same as clearing one affinity orb of each color. You can target an enemy by tapping them. When you’re not targeting any enemies, your characters will automatically attack enemies weak to their attribute.  <img src=
    Once all enemies’ HP reach 0, you will move to the next battle. Try targeting enemies while taking advantage of attributes. After launching the Marble, one turn will pass. As turns pass, enemies will attack and the layout of the field will change. Enemies will attack once the number near their HP gauge reaches 0. be sure to target enemies with a lower number first.
    You can view the unlock conditions for a stage or scenario when selecting them. Clear the conditions to be able to read more of the story. After you’ve chosen a stage, you can also choose a friend to join you in battle. The amount of damage your characters do will increase as you clear affinity orbs with the same attribute as them. There are also skull orbs and recovery orbs. Skull orbs will power up your enemies if they are not cleared.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can use an active skill when a character’s icon is glowing. After using it, you must wait a set number of turns before you can activate it again. There are many different types of active skills. For example, some will damage your enemy, while others will recover your HP. Enemies can also activate skills. A white number indicates a normal attack, while other colors indicate different types of skills. a red number indicates a skill that will damage your characters. Green will recover enemy HP. yellow can increase enemy stats, or create a more hazardous field. These are examples of the types of skills enemies will use. Using power up materials on your character will increase their stats. If an enemy is too strong, try scouting for new characters or powering up your current characters.

    Bungo Stray Dogs Tales tutorial (wiki): you can use ability stones and tickets to get new characters. You can also perform an 11 scout with 10 scouts worth of ability stones. Ability stones can be obtained at the shop. There are also other chances to get ability stones through events, achievements, etc. Editing your team: send characters you’ve scouted into battle by editing your team. On this screen, you can check your team’s HP and ATK. Your team’s HP and ATk are the totals of your characters’. The character set as leader will also activate their leader skill while in battle. Strategizing in battle will become easier as you obtain new characters.

    Heroes: Meomo - a young man with the ability to transform into a tiger. He joined the armed detective agency after being discovered by Dazai Osamu. Though weak, he is kind and willing to sacrifice himself to protect others.

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