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    Official site Franchise Baseball 2018 cheat world: step into the batters box. Get started by picking up a franchise player from your favorite pro Baseball team. Create an identity for your baseball club by choosing a logo and naming your team. Complete the five getting started objectives to learn about your franchise and to unlock a new star. Open packs using in game currency and unlock new players for your team. Rip your first pack, and you’ve completed your first challenge.


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    Players packs - series packs unlock new players you can add to your roster. Take the reins and start your first season. Remember to claim your new player, then return and complete your season. The fans are counting on you! Complete 3 or more challenges to advance. Advancing awards 3 draft packs. Matchup your game plan us your opponent’s and play.

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    Franchise Baseball 2018 tutorial”  /> <br /> Use training sessions to permanently boost your players’ skills. Train your catcher to level 3 and you’ll be ready for your next challenge. Tap a player to view training costs and OVR boost. Different types of players have different training limits and costs. Having trouble with a season challenge? Training a key player may help. Boost your players’ skills on the field by applying 24 hour skill bonuses. Tap slots to change strategies or rename your gameplan.  <img src=
    Training sessions - use sessions to boost your player ratings and strength of your baseball club. Time to run the competition out of the ballpark. Winning exhibition series earns cash and team tokens. Win 3 series to complete your third challenge. Have what it takes to defeat the best teams in baseball history? Play real life pro teams to measure your progress and earn rewards. Play 3 pro series per day for free. Defeating an entire group earns you pro packs, which contains synergies that can be added to your lines.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: play exhibition games to acquire more team tokens. Acquire equipment tokens by playing daily series and apply these team specific tokens to players to boost their ratings. After you apply all three pieces of equipment to a player, you must upgrade that player using game cash. There are equipment tokens for each big league team.

    tutorial (wiki): players who wear the jersey of a team that no longer exists use the tokens for the current version of that franchise. Example: brooklyn players use the Los Angeles (n) team tokens. Play with the pros the ultimate baseball sim. Unwrap collectible players - over 3000 unique cards. Bring home the trophy - new seasons every day. Train your players -boost the skills of your stars.

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