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  • Android secrets Clash for Speed: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

    Free cheats code list Clash for Speed - weapons, gold coins, upgrade, evolve, unlock cars, premium pack, vip ticket, gems crystal, gift box, diamonds voucher, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Clash for Speed cheat world: hey rookie! What on earth brought you to this galaxy? I’m speed hog & this is my green valley planet. I’ve been racing here since years. Let’s see what you got! I’ve set up a racing track for you! If you beat my racer, you get your piece of land! If you don’t then i’ll burn you to ahes! Select your control settings and get started! You can change settings during game play also. Tap on pause button to change control.


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    Instructions: pick mystery weapon and tap on attack button. Tap nitro button to speed up. Good job rookie! YOu earn our your piece of land now! Let me show you where you can build your own racing track and challenge other racers too! To build racing track is very simple! Drag your finger across the land to build and don’t forget to make a loop.

    Clash for Speed cheats android, ios hack codes


    Building the track is not enough! To make your track tougher, add some on road obstacles and on road traps on track. Great, now you’re all set to race on your track! Green valley menu: store, track builder, leaderboard, goals, garage (cards, weapons, point and decor, upgrade), quick race. YOu’ve unlocked flamethrower off road trap. Go to track builder and select this trap to experience this ballistic upgrade.
    Clash for Speed gift box
    Tripple barrel gun (off road armory) - aims its target and fires. Reload time is few seconds and when the player is in range, then it doesn’t stop. Nitro - boost your speed to next level and beat down your enemy. Attacking rate - indicates the danger level of the track. More complex designed track with obstacles and traps have higher attacking rate.

    cheats Clash for Speed secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: build your own amazing track. Be the fastest racer of your planet. Amazing gameplay, Your track, your rules. Upgrade your car. Custom 3d tracks seen never before. Equip your car with deadly weapons: flamethrower, freeze gun, homing missile, laser, land mines, nitro, spikes, oil spills. Off road traps to make your track tougher: boom cannon, pendulum, catapult, spring boxes, laser, machine gun, swinging hammer.

    tutorial (wiki): more complex tracks will win you more trophies. Drag and drop on road obstacles or off road traps on the dot pointers. As player car progresses in the racing battle game, the level of difficulty will also increase. So, to win the combat racing, one needs hack cheats or heavy and high destruction weapons. For this, players can update their weapons by gaining codes or coins in the racing.

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    1. ZpQqPk0rAB3dX6t - weapons
    2. WlP8UkCAuybsC2H - gold coins
    3. sr6g6I26SNKTMxH - upgrade
    4. 6EOj7ARps3H49TJ - evolve
    5. YIehtm2Wb7UxmWn - unlock cars
    6. k0Hb4CDkZeXCND6 - premium pack
    7. zXNjZ3zuLu2KTcA - vip ticket
    8. eT6Kw3w22SauwdV - gem crystal
    9. 3JSkwSQreBILsuF - gift box
    10. yQGawzmHN26fezb - diamonds voucher
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