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    Official site Medieval Clicker Alchemy cheat world: welcome to the world of Aventra. Our story begins in the ancient city of Rivalia, where the alchemist Enclave is based, led by the seven Masters of Alchemy: zantras, Lulla, Devian, Malaki, Larella, Hista and Damoss. For some time now, the ambience has become increasingly rare. A bad omen brings the bitter foreboding of a terrible conflict. A war for the legendary material seems imminent. Rumor has it that the armies are getting prepared to fight is stronger. As alchemists we must craft potions to be prepaired. Moreover, being in the circle of high alchemists, the best thing we can do is to dust off the Grimoire of Rivalia and find out information about new concoctions.


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    The aim of alchemists is to alter nature and turn it in their favor. They do this through the Path of shadows, a forbidden route that leads to the secrets of creation. They are able to combine the structure of different elements to give rise to new ones. However, this task is not risk free. To alter the form and composition of nature one must penetrate into its deepest levels. As a consequence, the darkness devours you little by little. There are those who are no more than a mere shadow with conscience. When things turn up wrong, the path becomes irrevocable, trapping the alchemist inside and destining them to wander for eternity.

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    Welcome, your new medieval adventure begins here, in the fantasy world of Aventra! As an alchemist, your goal will be to craft different kinds of potions. Here you have a couple of ingredients so you can make your first potions. Tap the screen repeatedly to craft potions. When the energy bar reaches its maximum, you will create a potion. If you upgrade an ingredient, potions that use it will be sold for more gold. Take a look, that way you will improve your earnings.
    Medieval Clicker Alchemy gift box
    To create a specific type of potion, select it in the potion panel. Here you will see the materials it requires and the sale price of the potion. Upgrade both your abilities and unlocked characters for a faster progress throughout your adventure. Mission panel - Errands will arrive from the ally kingdoms. Complete them to progress in the story. Click on the parchment to read about events that take place in the world.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you will start practicing with the health potion. It is the most basic potion to start warming up. Combine canine bulb and aloe vera to make and therefore obtain a link between them. The result is a health potion to heal those that are injured. The second potion that every alchemist must control is the mana potion. All potions are linked with each other. To make a mana potion, you must use the ingredient you just discovered in addition to the main ingredient of another potion you already know, aloe vera.

    tutorial (wiki): as you discover new ingredients, you’ll be able to brew new concoctions. There are many of combinations available. Check out every single potion you have discovered and the ingredients it requires in the gallery. Improving your skills makes it easier to complete missions. The third basic of alchemist: resistance potion. This potion makes your muscles stronger. A few drops and you’ll see how you can keep running without getting tired. If you use it you will progress much faster. There are a lot of types of powers that you will unlock through your journey. These powers require gems to be used.

    Note (tricks): you can fuel up with gems in the shop any time you need. They will help you in your adventure in so many different ways.

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