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    Official site Doomwalkers cheat world: The raiders are coming at us! We should contact our rescuers ASAp as they seem to be powerful factions. Enemy are gone for now, but the damage that they left is severe. We need to start rebuilding right away. A city hall is place where we will be making major decisions so we should repair it first. It is the essential building of your settlement.


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    As long as our residents are rested, they will complete construction of buildings instantly. Upgrading buildings accumulates fatigue on your residents, making them not as efficient to run our settlement. When your resident is vigorous, you are able to upgrade buildings\ facilities, and craft equipment instantly. If your residents are tired, you are not able to upgrade buildings, but you can still upgrade facilities and craft equipments.

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    Doomwalkers tutorial”  /> <br /> If you overwork your residents, they become exhausted, you have to wait till their fatigue recovers to continue your settlement expansion. Some coins or items will make your resident recover faster, but we can do that free when they are nearly recovered. Vigorous residents are ready to work, but without resources you cannot build up! Let’s rebuild the farm to feed our residents. Remember to harvest them every once in a while.  <img src=
    Now that we are safe from starving, let’s build a generator to provide power. Generator is one of the facilities. Facilities are unlocked when their respective buildings reach certain levels. They offer major bonuses to our settlement. Like food, we should harvest often to keep the settlement powered. Good job on the rebuilding, boss. But aside of a lively settlement, we also need muscles when things get rough. Taphouse is where we summon heroes from the Wasteland, and it’s now crowd packed.
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    Doomwalkers Faction: the brotherhood - a zealous high tech military order that worships technology itself and dedicated to purge the Wasteland of all mutant humanoids. The republic - a democratic federation that holds on to the old world values and strives for the basic order on the world and general prosperity of its people. The tribe - a nomadic clan of warriors that mostly addicted to psychotropic substances and aspires nothing but combat strength and engineering skills.
    Instructions: you can get resources from the Wasteland and defeating monsters yields stuff you need to develop your heroes. It is hard for a single settlement to survive. Join an alliance, fight side by side with your allies and help claim territories. You’ll benefit a lot. When your alliance is strong enough, try compete for the ultimate ruler of the whole world.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: basic - where you can summon uncommon, rare and epic heroes. Premium - can summon legendary characters. You get a free summon here every 24 hours. More info about character can be viewed in hero management. We should build a watchtower so we can be aware of our surroundings. Bring the new recruit to battle formation, and let’s see what he got to offer.


    Doomwalkers tutorial (wiki): battle - core unit, if it is destroyed, we lose the battle. Make sure to keep it safe. Enemy core unit - destroying it before they destroy ours is the key to the victory. The green bar is a health point of a unit, the unit is destroyed when it’s reduced to 0. The orange bar is the rage, the unit will perform a powerful move when it’s filled. Battle increased the experience of our heroes. We can enhance hero to make him stronger. Characters can be leveld up when enough exp is accumulated.

    Note(tricks): leveling up a hero greatly increases leadership, allowing him to take more troops into battle. Faction house - this is where we interact with major faction in Wasteland. We need whatever help we can get in order to survive. First you need to choose one to befriend. Increasing reputation with the faction will lead to huge rewards from them. If you are not sure which is best, just select random and get an extra bonus. Of course you can change the selection later.

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