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    Official site Forged Fantasy cheat world: Eleven generations of peace had reigned between the Kingdom of Kaerok and the realm of Aravia - a peace now shattered by King Tayba’s brutal campaign of expansion into the neutral lands between the two kingdoms. Once revered as a pillar of justice, King Tayba had imposed crushing taxes to finance his war with his former ally, bringing desolation and ruin upon his own people. Had the king lost all reason?


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    On the orders of the arbiter, the company set out to persuade him to renounce his folly and wayward policies. Even if it meant storming the very gates of Kaerok castle...Kaerok will not fall easily. Like all places in Teleria, there are multiple stages of defenders. You must defeat all stages to move forward with your journey.

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    controls - use your right thumb to shoot the enemy. Swipe with your right thumb to dodge between cover. Tap hero’s portrait to switch characters. Drag your right thumb down to take cover. You can adjust your aim sensitivity in the options menu. Use the skill button to use hero’s ability. Collect more heroes to make your team more powerful. Crates may reward you with powerful heroes.
    Forged Fantasy gift box
    Silver crate - chance to win gear and other items to upgrade your heroes. The more stars a hero has, the more powerful they are. Characters with swords and other short range weapons move automatically to the next available enemy. Level up your hero to continue leveling skills. Add Xp to heroes to level them up and increase their stats, like damage and health.

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