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    Official site Dungeon X cheat world: after the earthquake that shook the once peaceful Arcadia, the entrance to a dungeon that was hidden throughout time uncovered itself. Amon, the pontiff who governed over Arcadia, named this dungeon the Karnon dungeon. He ordered a team of temple knights to investigate the dungeon, but the team never returned. Two more team were sent to investigate, but none of them returned to the kingdom. In the end, they sealed off the Karnon Dungeon.


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    A few days after the dungeon was sealed off, AMon secretly meets the greatest treasure hunter in the continent, Luke, who was arrested for robbing the tombs of nobles. Amon offers to give a pardon for Luke’s crimes on one condition; he retrieves 5 crystals from the Karnon Dungeon. Luke eagerly accepts the offer and heads towards the dungeon that took the lives of many brave temple knights.

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    Dungeon X tutorial”  /> <br /> Slight chance of enemies dropping the following items when they are defeated. Red souls recover a small amount of HP. Green souls recover a small amount of SP. Sp is consumed when skills are used. Blue chest - obtain holy diamonds used to upgrade equipment. Red chest - obtain items required for game progress. Earthen crystal - an ancient crystal imbued with the powers of the Earth.  <img src=
    YOu can recover your HP and SP gradually by standing within the glowing magic circle. You can also save your progress by pressing down within the magic circle. You can move on ladders using the up and down keys. You can attack while on a ladder. You will fall if you are attacked while on a ladder. When you come in contact with an altar of life, you absorb the red flames which increase your HP permanently. The flames disappear once they are absorbed.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the moon on the upper part of the screen changes depending on the time. As the moon increases in size, monsters become stronger. During a full moon, the monsters are at their strongest. But they also drop more souls. You can crawl up when there are vines on the wall. You can move around using the d-pad and will fall if you are attacked.

    Dungeon X tutorial (wiki): when you come in contact with an altar of energy, you absorb the green flames which increase your SP permanently. The flames disappear once they are absorbed. You can tap on the face shaped icon on the upper right hand corner to access the player’s status screen and the inventory. You can change equipped items or upgrade them using holy diamonds. When you press the down key in front of a door, you move to a different designated area. You can move both ways at all times.

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