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    Official site Red Stone IIcheat world: greetings, i’m cheat-on from the adventurer’s association, here to assist you. Before we embark on our adventure, let’s go over some basic controls. You will die when your HP reaches 0. Cp is consumed by activating skills. Cp is gradually restored by performing normal attacks. Quick step is useful for evading enemy attacks. When enemies are nearby, your party will automatically defend themselves. Tap to target specific enemies. Targets are maintained until the enemy dies or a new opponent is designated.


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    Activate skills by tapping the skill icons. Queue skills to unleash successive skill attacks. When an enemy is near death or knocked down, the finishing move icon appears and the finishing move button is enabled. Tap hold to increase the power of your finishing move. Activate companion skills to gain an advantage in battle. Tap on the companion portrait to activate their skills. Tap hold and drag a portrait to target a specific enemy. use auto battle actively search for and engage enemies.

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    Red Stone II tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: Warrior (defender tanker) - tanks damage and protects allies possesses high HP and armor, a perfect tank. Swordsman from the duxe Mounds in the southern reaches of the magical empire of Dameld. I’ve come to the capital city of Damel in order to hone my swordcraft. My specialties are in wielding my sword and shield. Fighter (grappler dealer) - deals damage rapidly to defeat enemies deals massive damage in melee combat. I was born in Kholum. It’s a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom of Eript. I used to shepherd my flock around the steep terrain of Volter Mountains, since i was a child.  <img src=
    Archer (shooter dealer) - deals damage rapidly to defeat enemies snipes enemies from afar. I’m an archer. I used to serve in the imperial Musketeer brigade of Sorund. I wanted to go on the elite course that would ensure a steady future, but i was framed and dishonorably discharged. Priest (grappler healer) - supports allies with healing abilities deals massive damage in melee combat. I am one of the many angels dispatched to this world when the red stone was stolen. In the Heaven world, i used the name Gondline Amitien ie Lomalda.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: harvest green Carrots by collecting carrot seeds. Tap on the transform button to temporarily activate your transformed raging beast mode. Companions who have joined a party can fight along at adventures. Tap on the card to view more info about companion.Drag the card to assign him to your party. You can use auto assign to automatically assign the best companions to your party. Each hero has their own unique active and passive skills. Use the alchemists’ vending machine to obtain different rewards every day.

    Red Stone II tutorial (wiki):equipment - here, you will find your equipment and consumables. Newly acquired gear are denoted with a red badge. You can sell unwanted gear to get gold. Tap on sort all to sell gear of different rarities. We can enhance gear to strengthen our weapons. mana shards and golds are used to enhance gear. 3 types of mana shards - weapon, armor and accessory can be obtained from disassembling gear.

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    3. SgzU2DF2LMSCean - legendary weapon
    4. VMU5C0QEaTbHBbE - premium pack
    5. pxhz5XRz49CUAB8 - stamina energy
    6. mm39fjVFuUaSXxw - level up
    7. 0O7cTmT1kWRvghr - evolve
    8. Daq9nAJfDt606gV - gem crystal
    9. 2mcxtnDPmUlinKD - diamonds
    10. 9fbHFTCRYmFrOzK - voucher ticket
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