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    Official site Flip & Clash cheat world: let’s take a moment to learn how to play before the match. Let’s start control lesson. The red character is yours. Touch the marked character. The movement range will be displayed for the selected character. Touch the marked tile to display character’s attack range. When you select a tile to move, the character’s attack range will be displayed. Each character has its own attack range. Touch the tile again to confirm to move. Character will attack the all attack range automatically after move.


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    Your turn is done after move. You will lose your character when you are attacked. If your character is at around the attacked tile, you may check opp’s attack tiles. Check attack marks and counterattack. If you’ve found the opp, touch the character to attack. Make sure that the Opp is in your attack range. If your hero’s position was exposed, ! mark will on your character. Each soldier has it’s own range of movement and attack. You may learn more ways to play with lesson.

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    Rook may attack end to end of back and forth. Tap on Luke to see the range of movement. Rook can move any ranges vertically or horizontally. Rook has cross shaped attack range. The rook will remain marks. Enhanced gear have improved attack and defence stats. For more info, tap on the “?” button in the top right. Don’t forget to upgrade transform skills. Candy coupons will be deposited into your inventory. Summon tickets and some items cannot be collected using receive all.
    Flip & Clash gift box
    Buffs obtained from by completing achievements are shared with all characters on your account. Hero earn skill points on each level up. Skills points are used to increase skill level. Acquired when your character levels up. SP is used to upgrade passive and active skills. Tap learn skill to consume SP to increase skill level. TSP is used to level up transformed skills. Skills are unlocked after job change.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the alchemist’s vending machine - you get up to 5 free chances every day. The limit resets at midnight. Form a balanced party with a warrior, tanker and healer. Drag a hero’s icon over an enemy to target that opponent. Compete to user over the world. Best expectations MWU Korea awards. Five unique characters. Very simple control.

    Flip & Clashtutorial (wiki): there are many games based chess rules, but it is unique and never experienced before. This game has a lot of strategies. Is interesting as it’s a concept that you don’t really see on the market. A new strategy board game you’ve never experienced before. Compete to user over the world and be the grandmaster.

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