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    Official site Digital World Evolution cheat world: boys and girls, today i’m going to tell you a very interesting story. Once upon a time, group of teenagers were appointed as the saviors of the world. Moreover, a group of righteous digimons believe in the legend. Learn to protect yourself. Here’s digi feed, go find Gabumon to summon more digimons to guard yourself. Enter the gacha system.


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    When there is a heart shaped signal on the digimon egg, selecting the egg will add extra. Golden egg provides higher than golden quality digimons. The digital eggs that gabumon loves is just chosen, and it is full of affection. We’ll definitely find stronger hero this time. Different types of digi eggs can hatch different characters. Let’s choose light digi egg which can hatch angel type. 90 quality is the maximum of adult. You are more powerful with higher quality. Deficient part can be filled through quality books.

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    Click on the tamer’s icon. Select formation. Click to arrange the position of the front row. Characters in the front row will sustain more damage. Select rear position of the same side, to gain better protection from angemon. Storyline will develop when progress reaches 100%. Final boss’s chapter - the infos can be unlocked when previous news are competed. The power of darkness is hanging over the world. And only you, the righteous hopefuls, can bring light back to the digital world. Before i send you to the digital world, please allow me to teach you some basic combat skills.
    Digital World Evolution gift box
    Full energy - enter the tactical round. The energy slot - 1 energy point can be added when your hero act once. Skill card - can be cast when you have full energy. The ability on the skill card corresponds to the character you put into fight. A skill casting card requires energy. With limited energy, please choose your next move cautiously. Use more chase skills in fight can achieve a multiplier effect.
    Instructions: The treasure chest can be opened when the level of activity reaches certain amount. Use recommended skill - will cause extra burning effects. Skill illustration of the card- pursuit can be performed when cast properly. Usage order of card - skills cast will take effect in this order.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the tamers have different features, choose the right tamer according to the fight. Collect emblems to unlock tamers. The evolutionary material required for the evolution of different types of digimon is different. Some digimon can have different evolving routes and choose freely. When equipped with four identical chips, 2 set and 4 set effects can be activated at the same time. When the hero is charged, it can greatly improve the basic attributes. Same digimon can have different evolving routes and choose freely.

    Digital World Evolution tutorial (wiki): full servers gift, online can receive - receiving high level chips online. Every day, adventurers are provided with a wealth of online gifts, and chips and role badges, etc. Luxury gift worth diamonds waiting for you, login for 7 days to get perfect metalgreymon. We have prepared a variety of goals for the tamers, and you will get rich reward if you make it, so that you can get rewards while experiencing pleasure. Growth fund ensures digimon grow happily - a small pay, a huge rewards of ten times earnings, you deserve to have. Reach a level to receive rich rewards, high level dog food, and high level chips and more.

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