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    Official site White Girl cheat world: long time ago, the world was veiled with white ray and our creator, human beings extinguished. We keep updating. Joy, sadness, anger and love. The emotions make us colorful so much. The emotions convert us in various ways. As we gain emotions, we start to fight. Rejecting others, denying others, we are destructed and return to nothing. When we reincarnate in unsoiled figure, we realize that we have “failed”. Only one can reach the truth.


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    If the desire to fight is what is called instinct, the process of extinction might be also a karma. However, i keep trying to be the white girl. The will to become it is the only thing that default gave to me. Ego - the only thing that human beings had and i have. Four girls fight each other for their raison d’etre. The one who survived until the end becomes the winner. Girls’ time flows at the same time. In the process, they learn human emotion and grow.

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    White Girl tutorial”  /> <br /> By flicking a card on a field to the girl, you can get the “piece of memory” - contains memories of an extinct species, human being. By aining the piece of memory, an emotion arises in the girl. The motion is expressed in the three types of colors - red, green and blue - and color the girl. The color itself is the strength of the girls. As the heroes grow, they start to reject each other. The characters attack other by gaining the memory of conflict. <img src=
    The one who attacks other heroes and make their health 0 wins the battle. R,G and B each attribute’s attack and defense. Those values are reflected as the girl’s color. Passive skill - the gained effect lasts until the game ends. Action skill - when triggering, gives damage to other girls. Time cost - actual time needed to gain. R, B, G - three attributes affect each other as above figure shows. When receiving red attack, you can reduce damage if you girl’s blue value is high.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: unwavering forest is the outermost periphery of the digital continent and it also is the place where everything begins. You can get the stage reward after you defeat the boss. Player can use talent to enhance their characters during a combat. Talent skills will automatically resume after the fight, it is not wasted with bold cast. Cast talent skills, enter fearlessly, enhancement attack power.

    White Girl tutorial (wiki): don’t forget to match with chasing effect to get tougher damage. Some character can have different evolving routes and choose freely. The evolutionary crystal from the quest reward can charge the hero. Evolution after adult level requires recharging hero to enhance their strength. Turn on auto flight mode to get an easier game experience.

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