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Firmament Ode hacked
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    Official site Firmament Ode cheat world:Warren Thurmu stands on the wall, his gaze cast forward. This is the border of the tastic kingdom and the Metadi kingdom. The people of Rosselfer have been monitoring the front lines ever since the nightmares began gathering on the Urbania plains. In the west, the city the largest library in the tastic kingdom. It is also a sacred place dedicated to the worship Munim, the god of knowledge. The Erica Bachelors, which consists of specialists from every academic field is also located here.


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    The soldiers from the kingdom of night are gathering at the border, forcing Rosselfer to face the crisis. THe kingdom of night - it established by their king and citizens. They threatens to attack the human world with its tremendous power and bring forth chaos. Th kingdom of tastic, Metadi, Uno - kings put aside their animosity to fight against the invasion of nightmares. They vowed to each other in the city of Incipe, where the Sacrifice tower is located, to stand against the night kingdom together. The human world ahs been forced to engage in a war against the night kingdom. It was later called the Nightmare war.
    After the violent attack by the nightmare troops, the capital of the Metadi kingdom has been taken and its citizens forced to flee the land. THe night kingdom has forcibly occupied the lands of the Metadi and advances toward the borders of the Tastic.

    Firmament Ode cheats android, ios hack codes

    Firmament Ode tutorial”  /> <br /> Bottom - there is our side and top - enemy in the battle. Green diamond and green health point represent our side. Red  - the enemy. Drag to move the character. Don’t drag the character beyond his movement range or the movement would be canceled. The character will back to the original place. Then you could choose the movement again. Each character has different fighting skills, different attack effect and attack range.  <img src=
    The left side of the image is healing skill, the right side of the image is attack skill. Click the target to attack if you don’t want to change the location. If the character wants to end the action without using any skill, could click the standby button. Flanking: when there are many of ours that surround the enemies, you could launch the flank attack. Flank attack could bring extra damage to the enemies so kindly use this benefit before you drag the character. Not only the player could launch the flank attack but also the enemy could bring more damages to player.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: there are many event points in the stage. They event would happened if the player drag the character to the event points. Remember to click the event points to know the effect. Every stage has its own conditions to win and defeat. Please be careful before you start the battle. The victory condition is to drag the character to the right position. Follow the rules and drag the character.

    Firmament Ode tutorial (wiki): the damage will continue from previous battle when the character encounter the continuous fighting. SO be careful of the status of the character. Obstacles prevent people from moving. Almost 60 thousand words of the storyline and conversation. Classic turn based strategy - more than 100 skills. Sort the items automatically which helps you to choose the best equipment.

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    1. 02fuU9yeKM6ZNCF - legendary weapon
    2. QyghmaGWL9twcAI - epic gear
    3. NCRwCHs5kGQ0RhI - offline mode
    4. 7kHpzU3mMJrWKNX - gold
    5. AhtHE0nThA65hUg - gems
    6. L6D9TUAXEvdfSld - crystlas
    7. BhvNfrhqBvp6cfS - gift box
    8. DgYH3n7toYKtpFy - vip ticket
    9. qAph6Rq4kxM7DyL - premium pack
    10. vpoW64Qi22UzRR7 - upgrade
    11. D1p1ziuGpGdvc88 - level up
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