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    Official site Legend Guardians cheat world: dear heros: the guardian of the fight, the proud wizard, the powerful conqueror, the sturdy hunters, the noble patroller, the terrible wizard, no ,atterwhich world you are exploring or you are burving Boneless sleep, at this moment, the door to the new world is about to be opened, are you ready? The sacred stone with powerful power has been turned into fragments scattered in every corner of the new world. We have chosen our country and set our world on the road to glory.


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    Watch out, the nightmares are coming! Quick, execute maneuver to dodge their attack. Use button to move character and attack. The nightmare’s creeps were wiped out but we still have a long journey ahead before evil is banished. The dark shadows you have just defeated have been manipulating good people in many lands. THe final boss is still lurking somewhere and it’s our duty to put a stop to its sinister plan. And now, best be on our way.

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    Legend Guardians tutorial”  /> <br /> Tap adventure to start the stage. THe light kingdom was unlocked. If we manage to chase off these nightmares from this kingdom, we will be able to unlock more locations. Inventory - is where we store loots collected on our way. Make sure to always upgrade your equipment to gain an edge in battle, or you may lose a tooth or two! You will receive super duper epic reward every time you achieve a 5 star result. That’s not all! Pay attention to the objectives and complete them, you will be granted valuable loot.  <img src=
    Keep your eyes on your heroes in action’s energy bar as each stage requires different amounts of stamina to keep fighting. Dream knight currently has 11 units of energy. he still has plenty to give for the fight. At each level up, a hero’s energy bar increases and his energy is fully recovered. And every 5 minutes, all characters will be supplied with extra energy from special potion. Those are the basic that you must learn to stay ahead. Now.. keep fighting.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: your combat skills are not bad but not too good either. YOu have a lot to learn although you make me surprise once or twice.To conquer ever challenging trials, we must enhance our own strengths and devise appropriate strategies with our heroes. Use collected soulstone to power up your heroes. Guardians are hosts of potential tremendous power themselves. Activate them to increase team power.

    Legend Guardians tutorial (wiki): choose only the talent you need, not just any random ones. If my advice is not followed, the disadvantage is imminent. YOu should have known all the information and acquired any skills you need to continue this uneasy journey by now. From now on, it all depends on your lazy ass’ hard training to improve your ability to use your hands and feet. For detailed information, visit info.

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    5. tyOiVWzDjP1YYda - level up
    6. 7lLJPkpvrB6WVts - energy
    7. rQbBxM6ACkzbQCe - gift box
    8. tl4IJbf2kB9F7vs - vip
    9. ycz9tCAZ1NxxD3T - vouchers
    10. Bk51JC05dPbnW1a - premium pack
    11. I074RBW2DryLuDG - gem crystal
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