Flower Vale cheats code hack (gold, diamond, speed up)
Flower Vale hacked
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    Official site Flower Vale cheat world: i’m so glad you’ve decided to come. This is a flower town of your very own. I’m cheat-on and i’ll help you get started on your flower journey. Here on the isle, you can find every flower on Earth - from the most common to the rarest breeds. Plant some new flowers into the empty flower beds. Harvested resources will automatically be sent to your storage for later use. Resources can be sold directly in your plaza but can also be made into other flower products.


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    Try using some of our materials in the drying machine to make some products. You can buy the drying machine from your shop icon. As you level, you will unlock new machines. Buildings take a little time to build. In the drying machine, drag and drop flowers onto the production queue to start creating more valuable flower products. The plaza is now ready for business! Here you can sell resources and products for customers to buy.

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    Flower Vale tutorial”  /> <br /> Tap on the display and choose a resource type to sell. The more you have for sale, the more customers you will attract. It looks like people see something in you - they’re already sending in flower orders. YOu’ll earn experience and coins by completing customer orders. Once the order is delivered, the car return with the order rewards. You’ve got the basics to your flower town down.  <img src=
    Continue to grow your town by planting and harvesting flowers as well as completing orders. Now you have access to the beehive to make delicious honey. Before i forget, let’s check out the stall across the street. Tap here to sell items to other players. YOu need to put up an ad so that other players know what you’re selling from your stall. YOu can also check out other players’ stalls and items for sale. Tap the Globe to find other players.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: buy a new display unit for your plaza. With two display units, you can sell two different kinds of flowers simultaneously. Wrap for a floral arrangement to increase sales price. Build your own garden, make beautiful products, hundreds of decorations. Plant products to grow your wealth. Become a star in town.

    Flower Vale tutorial (wiki): one free roll per day, later rolls are paid in diamonds. The wheel of luck will stay until june code. Flower maturation will now display a special effect. Reduced difficulty of car and train orders. Town has been beautified with almost all the buildings being completely renewed. Home vegetation has been remodeled with fresher looks and Embellish your town with more than 60 brand new decorations.

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    9. 1zzwR6gZkKMjSQt - tickets
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