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    Official site Red Crimes Hidden Murders cheat world: you’re finally here, good. Let’s go, i’ll fill you in later. This is our crime scene, we’re here to inspect the place. Our first step is tapping the victim’s body. Whenever you need help, just ask for a hint. Try it an i’ll leave you to find the rest of the evidence. Go ahead and fill out your paperwork. Whatever you put will stick with folks at the precinct. Now you are a Rouxville enforcement Department special agent.


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    Let me get to the point. I want you to take over the late Chief’s district. I know the circumstances aren’t ideal. The district needs to be cleaned up, through. Who knows? If things go well, maybe we’ll have you look at other parts of the city. We use board to keep track of every case in the District. Every lead, every scene, every suspect has its space on the board. Thanks to your work in the field, we now have some new information about case.

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    Open the profile of the victim - this is the victim profile. Suspects get one as well. All personal information about them is compiled here. Facts - this is the information gathered through the investigation, it will update as you move forward with the case. Now close the profile to continue with the investigation. We should examine the victim to get more leads. Let’s go to the morgue.
    Red Crimes Hidden Murders gift box
    You can’t solve any crimes without a team. Tap on a companion to assign them to this task. Clean and find signs of struggle wounds or any other relevant marks. Now that i think about it, if you don’t want to proceed with the autopsy i will take care of it. You can change your choice at any time from the settings screen. start by cleaning the blood on the victim. Now photograph the wounds, please. Grab the scalpel and cut the abdomen. Open the cut with the retractor. We need a registry of the bullet hole, take a photo. Those bullet pieces are important, pick and drag them to the tray.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: reconstruct and identify the type of bullet collected as evidence. We need to reconstruct the bullet. Then that you have the bullet, it’s time to find the gun that shoot it. Look for the bullet that matches in the evidence database and select it. If we want to get the best of this, team members and resources are needed. Gift box - figurines mean new team members. They will be ready to assign provided they have enough energy to complete the task.

    Red Crimes Hidden Murders tutorial (wiki): collecting cards, on the other hand, will allow you to upgrade the team members you’ve obtained. Higher level require more cards, of course. Find the requested evidences based on the list at the bottom. Some clues are not visible to the naked eye. Use the UV scan to find them. Keep going until you find all correct clues to proceed with the investigation.

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