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    Official site Incoming Goblins Attack cheat world: be careful, goblins are attacking the land. In order to defend yourself, you should build towers. The goblins should not get to the end of the level, marked by the blue dot. Towers are vital for reaching your goals. You need to build towers on construction sites. You need to press and hold on the construction site to start constructing a tower.


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    Every tower you build has on attack range. Every enemy within this range will be attacked automatically. Press “next wave” button to start the first wave. Having more gold allows you to build both more towers as well as upgrade existing ones. You can earn more gold by summoning the next wave earlier than it would normally arrive. Use this to earn large amounts of gold.

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    Incoming Goblins Attack tutorial”  /> <br /> Use the “speed button” to double the gameplay speed. Tap it again to return to the normal game speed. Great work so far - as you know, every tower costs gold. Your current amount of gold is displayed in the top left corner. Please build additional tower on one of the construction sites. Note, you can lose the game if you lose all your life points. You should build more towers to complete the level successfully.  Help screen - you can see all information about the attacked here. The most important piece of information is the armor type. Only by knowing the armor type can you build the strongest defense against this unit. Be aware, that certain enemies have special powers.  <img src=
    Mage tower - this is great against armored units. However, you should consider building some “arrow towers” too. Every type of tower inflicts a different type of damage. Every type of damage is especially effective against a certain type of enemy. The arrow tower is most effective against unarmored enemies (goblins). The cannon - against enchanted enemies (shamans), the mage - armored warrior.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you have unlocked your first skill “flame strike”. TO unlock further skills that are ven more powerful, you will have to advance in levels. To use a skill, simply tap on it’s button to activate it, this is indicated by a yellow glow around the button, then tap anywhere on the path to use it. Use skills as often as you can. Skills are powerful and ignore the enemies armor, inflicting 100% of their damage to all targets within the area of their effect. Are you familiar with the armor types of all the enemies? If not, don’t worry, you can look them up at any time. If is very important to know the strengths and weaknesses of both your enemies and your towers. You can learn more about them in the help menu.

    Incoming Goblins Attack tutorial (wiki): spend diamonds to instantly cancel the skills cooldown. Sometimes it can be a valid strategy to sell your towers. Use the money you gain this way, to build further towers whose damage type fits to the incoming enemies. To sell a tower, simply click on it and tap the sell button at the bottom. Once you have successfully completed a level, you will earn stars. The amount of stars you receive depends on the number of lives you have left at the end of the level. You need these stars to unlock powerful upgrades for both your towers and your skills.

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