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Dragon Legends hacked
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    Official site Dragon Legends cheat world: the enemy troops will come soon. We have to construct the arsenal and restart the troop training immediately to build a strong legion. Great progress, you’ve revealed your excellent leadership. We believe that it’s only the first step and you will lead up to be strongest in the world. We can’t lower our guard. There’re still some rebels. We can develop at ease only if they’re killed. We must kill them and rid the people of an evil.


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    Never lower your guard even if you have your own base. Your enemies are around you. Kill them to develop at ease. The great achievement can be expected soon. I’ve already arranged the quests needed to be completed recently. All you need to do is make up strategies. We will get considerable awards after completing the quest. it will help you dominate the kingdom faster. Complete to take mission awards and go on to develop your business.

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    Dragon Legends tutorial”  /> <br /> Buildings: rescue center-  is where troops are recovered. Gold mine-  is where gold are produced and reserved. It can also speed up troop’s training. Arsenal - the construction which produces total combat units. Upgrade it to increase quantity per training. THe headquarters are the most important building in the base and the level of all buildings depends on it, It is the reflection of the entire power. Upgrade it to unlock new constructions, functions and to increase all powers. Base wall, your front line basic defense. It can be upgraded to increase the defense value, however if you station a commander, you will greatly increase the defense power. YOu can move the construction and tap confirm button to build.  <img src=
    We’ll prepare enough before the battle, and we’ll choose the right heroes and troops. Legion - is the home for everybody. Helping commander quickly research and build can win legion gift pack. let’s develop together and fight against strong enemy.
    Troops: small helicopter - strong scout fighter, a master in the air at early stages of the war, capable of both transporting and battling, strikingly powerful. Missile helicopter - aerial supersonic fighter, flexible and steady, adapted to various combat systems. Rail gun - armored missile carrier for different kinds of combat environment on the armed frontline, its attack face is crafting with titanium alloy to maintain a long lasting combat power.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: login to get VIP experience every day and constant login can get more. The result of battle data is for reference only. YOu won’t lose troops. Upgrade the decoration department to increase the max single march. YOu can exploit the resource mines you found nearby. The gathering troops will occupy one marching Queue. Gathering resource will also have chance to obtain the gear materials.

    Dragon Legends tutorial (wiki): there’re strong enemies around us, and plenty of awards will drop at the same time. Research the tech monster kill to launch an attack. The troops stats will be increased if the commander goes into the battle with the troops. You can get rich rewards for attacking enemies, including hero fragments. The planes are the arm whose moving speed is the fastest. Upgrade level can enhance heroes, enhance combat attributes and increase the number of soldiers.

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    2. neFby4fdavBDLga - vip status
    3. LEPoW0jip8Ymk2A - gift box
    4. prGwYWUSC9vB7se - speed up
    5. jGrlsrnbi82vfRQ - chest
    6. GlCherNeEipi1Bl - resources
    7. Z7OIgUwVhvaEJmX - premium pack
    8. t8skJZJzDs5jndt - hero fragments
    9. 6gYdCeisKm3Y1ag - shards
    10. wSLgz0mnaswkpCn - gold
    11. vWKTD4f9FM8gSfs - gem crystal (diamonds)
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