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    Official site Uncharted Ocean cheat world: in the 15th century, most people in Europe still believed that the earth was flat. Here is a legend that said there are dragons guarding the end of the ocean, the fire they breath would kill every adventurer who wanted to find their treasures. However, there was one hero who did not believe this story.His name is Ferdinand Magellan, an explorer from Portugal. He believes that in the east of the Spice islands, it is still ocean, while the new continent that Columbus discovered is on the other side of the ocean.


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    Therefore he had plans to make a voyage around the world. Market - speculative buying and selling around the world is the right way to get rich. The goods in each port are different. Don’t buy the goods that all ports have, or you can’t earn money. After each purchase, the price will go up. If the price index os too igh, it is necessary to purchase from a new port. As the port becomes more prosperous, the inventory will increase as well.

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    Choose your nationality (your initial attributes, skills and friendliness will be decided by the nationality): Spain - silently accumulated its own strength and waited for the Portuguese empire to make mistakes. Portugal - as europe’s new martimite overlord, the Portuguese empire had only one opponent - the Ottoman empire. In order to complete with the ottoman empire for maritime hegemony, the portuguese empire continued to expand its military strength. France - was captured in the war with England, leading to domestic panic. Ministers were eagerly seeking all ways to save the King.
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    Venice - with the westward movement of trade center, the economy of the republic of Venice has begun to decline. And with the rise and constant invasion of the Ottoman empire, it had to survive in the cracks. Ottoman empire- under the leadership of SUleyman i, reached its peak and cast a greedy eye on the republic of Venice where the economy began to decline. Pirate- North African pirates based in Tunisia were secretly supported by the Ottoman empire. They lived by plundering caravans of European countries. However, they were also actively attacked by many countries.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: all your ships will use different tactical attack based on the selection of battle formation. Heavy galleon - Tactics attack from the left. Sneak attack the enemy’s rear battleships to reduce enemy firepower. Before each departure, you must pay attention to the number of days that can be sailed and make supply when the food is not enough. It is time to sail, now supply more food and water. Only with these things, we will be able to sail further. THe current supplies can be used for about 8 days.

    Uncharted Ocean tutorial (wiki):occasionally there are some wooden barrels floating on the sea, which might contain unexpected good things. Tap the sea to move to that direction, when your ship is not in the middle of the screen, it means you have reached the boundary of the map. Tap the world map and open the navigation interface. Melee ship sails directly towards to the enemy ships for boarding battle. remote ship will shoot by sidetrack when any enemy ship is close.

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