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    Official site Battleheart 2 cheat world: i’m afraid our fair land is once again in turmoil. Five years ago, our King was assassinated, spinning the realm into disarray. King Marcus died without an heir, and the Capital remains in chaos to this day. A dozen noble houses war with each other for the crown. While aristocrats battle for power, monsters and criminals ravage the countryside. The toothless Royal guard simply watches while the people they are sworn to protect suffer.


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    Let’s quickly learn how to control your party. To move a hero, simply touch and drag them. Before we embark to our first battle, we must assemble a party. Tap the empty party slots in the corner to select more allies to join us. You can field up to 4 heroes. Swipe through the list to view the available heroes. When you’re ready, tap “to battle!” to begin. You can navigate the map by dragging your finger, or tapping on quests directly. Tap them again to embark.

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    Battleheart 2 tutorial”  /> <br /> Choose your hero: Cerdic - heir to a family of great knights who’ve served the monarchy for generation. Though born into wealth and privilege, he abandoned that life to travel the realm as a protector and vigitange for the downtrodden. Odette - daughter of the immortal witch Wynter. She’s lived in isolation much of her life, studying forbidden magic and watching the cycle of prosperity and ruin that plagues the kingdom with dispassionate curfos. Natsuko - abandoned by her family as a child, Natsuko was found and adopted by a wandering ronin. As a surrogate father, he taught her the way of the blade, and how to protect herself and others from a cruel world.  <img src=
    Costello - a musician and historian, he yearns to write ballads of great battles and heroes such as those of ages past. To have his words sung by future generations is his only ambition. November - enrolled in Haggerdom’s exclusive Mage’s Academy from a young age, November quickly eclipsed her peers with her natural talent. Cyrus - when his wife was slain by bandits 7 years ago, Cyrus turned to foul necromancy to exact bloody revenge. Though the memory of this trauma has faded, Cyrus’ heart remains hollow, and his angel burns eternal.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: we’ll need to grow stronger to tackle greater challenges through. Tap gear or talents to explore where we can put gold, crystal, books to use. From this menu, you can equip and customize your heroes. Gold is used for buying items, crystals can enchant and strengthen those items, and skill points are used to learn new abilities.

    Battleheart 2 tutorial (wiki): equip - select a hero by tapping their portrait. Change their equipment by dragging items from your inventory to the proper slot. Attribute changes can be previewed by hovering over the slot.
    Skills: shield rush - charge your current target at high speed. Upon impact, deals weapon damage and knocks the target down for 3 seconds. Shield wall - take on a defensive stance, reducing damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds. Meteor swarm - call down a swarm of 6 flaming meteors on your target’s general location. Each meteor explodes in a small area.

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    8. HBDBkd4hdIz1zdu - premium pack
    9. wGvOSyCUZwT6Vst - upgrade
    10. c7McL2xzZuwxXtx - legendary weapon
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