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    Official site Dungeon Glory cheat world: after the Sin War was over Gods had been protecting the humans Sanctuary. But the abyss demons refused to accept defeat plotting their return. The earth cracked, the demons charged out of the burning hells tried to occupy St. Serria, marching towards pinnacle of heaven. War was imminent. My niece, cheat-on, is very knowledgeable about this world, she should be able to guide you. YOu cannot perform any actions in story mode. Just watch and enjoy.


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    Awake the Nephrem hero: Barbarian - melee warrior can both kill enemies and protect allies. Demon hunter - a sniper hiding in shadows. Can shoot enemies from far away. Monk - uses mysterious power to weaken enemies and strengthen party members. Sorcerer - the artist war who is adept in controlling and inflicting DoT damage. Andariel - one of the four demon lords. No matter whom we confront, demons have to be vanquished.

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    Dungeon Glory tutorial”  /> <br /> Andariel hides herself at the bottom of the Convent. You will have to overcome various challenges before you can manage to find and face her. One step at a time, we should get sufficient training from rogus Outskirts first. Take out minions to level up and loot their gear is the best way to strengthen yourself. These can be done in Botting mode. Battle is run automatically, 24 hours non-stop, even when you go offline. <img src=
    All you need to do is set and equip the proper skill and gear and then check your loot regularly. Before you start botting, you need to take some time to learn the game mechanics. First of all, let me introduce the battle related interfaces. You can upgrade your equipment, gems and soulstones within the heldrick cube. Each monster can yield gold and experience.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: exp bonus - when account level is 15 or more levels above the enemy level, you receive 25% experience.Battle rating: S, A, B, C, D; 5 grades in total. The time you take to defeat enemies affects the battle rating and thus the gold bonus. Progress: you have to maximum out the progress gauge before fighting the boss of that instance. After defeating a boss, the auto boss farming mode of that instance will be unlocked.

    Dungeon Glory tutorial (wiki): enemy waves: when boss auto - farming is activated, the number of enemy waves will appear in the top right corner. You will proceed ti the boss fight when you have cleared all the waves. The number of waves increases by 2 every time you kill a boss, up to 40 waves. Monthly card holders can have it reduced to 35 waves. If you beat the boss you can obtain a chest a new equipment inside.

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