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    Official site Raindrop Pop cheat world: oh, hello there! YOu must be the new chief of android world. Many island is a peaceful and beautiful place. But there’s just one problem. Sadly, it rains here every day. Soon, the island will be underwater if nothing is done. The villagers need a wise leader to handle disasters. And that leader should be the chief. But not just anyone gets to be the chief - to be, must undergo intense training.


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    Now let’s get you ready to become the chief! And i better get ready to celebrate my retirement with a vacation. Press the game start button at the bottom of the screen. Controls: you can remove raindrops by touching a villager of the same color. If you throw a villager of a different color at a raindrop, the color of the raindrop changes to the color of the villager.

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    Raindrop Pop tutorial”  /> <br /> Aiming for Air - if you throw a villager and do not pop raindrops, the flood gauge increases. Moving raindrops - you can move all villagers to the left by touching areas except for areas where characters are standing. Danger line - raindrops pop when they reach the danger line! The flood gauge increases and when it is filled, the game is over, be careful!  <img src=
    Chaining - popping after changing colors allow surrounding raindrops of the same color to be popped together. Upgrade buildings in the village to increase max population and make your village more beautiful. You can find new villagers in the character menu. All characters can be achieved at same probability. If you equip special characters, you can use special abilities during the game.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: poseidon - creates a surge of water droplets that removes raindrops. During a shower more raindrops fall, be careful. Boss - goes left and right while summoning raindrops. If you cannot hit the boss directly, try chaining. Hit the spot with the use of chaining pop. A warm place of healing mani Island. Play together with special character.

    Raindrop Pop tutorial (wiki): complete for the rangking in the Maniland. Tap on villagers of the same color and hit falling raindrops. If you tap on villagers of a different color, the color of the raindrops change allowing 'chaining'. You can pop more raindrops simultaneously by using 'chaining'. Be careful! The flood gauge fills up if you miss raindrops. Try to take advantages of various items and special characters to accomplish stages.

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