Star Trek Adversaries cheats code hack (command points, latinum)
Star Trek Adversaries hacked
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    Official site Star Trek Adversaries cheat world: captain, we need your help! Klingons are attacking SHerman’s planet. Hold them off until the Enterprise can arrive. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your ship’s interface. Use the Dilithium upgrade to play your Gallileo rescue Shuttle. If you have no available actions, the end turn button will turn green. Play Yoemen Rand into your open crew slot, then destroy the Klingon Vessel by dragging to attack.


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    Drag towards your hand to retreat your Shuttlecraft. Once the enterprise arrives, target that enemy flagship and attack. Flagship screen - there are 24 flagships to choose from. View your ship’s abilities and core cards by clicking the core button. Looks like you have some unopened packs. Click on the shop button to check out your new cards. Click and drag a pack on the transporter pad. A standard pack contains 5 cards. Packs will contain at least once card of rare quality or better. A standard pack may contain federation, Klingon and neutral cards.

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    Star Trek Adversaries tutorial”  /> <br /> Deck editor - you can build decks and replicate cards from this screen. Each deck must contain 30 cards. Each basic or common ship may be used 2x in a deck. All other cards are unique. Each deck may contain up to 6 legendary cards (3 crew / 3 ships). Click the replicator button to view all cards in the game. Right click or tap and hold (mobile) on a card to replicate or scrap that card.  <img src=
    Modulating shields - a shield that absorbs all incoming damage and is then consumed. Bottom - this is your energy and auxiliary power. Energy is used to play the cards in your hand. Auxiliary power is used to activate your special and ultimate ship abilities. If your opponent has played a ship with guardian - you’ll need to destroy it before attacking the enemy flagship.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: collect enough command points or latinum and unlock any of the ships to build your next deck. Each deck begins with a flagship. Each flagship comes with 3 slots to build custom decks of 30 cards. Each flagship also comes with a set of 8 core cards that are drafted in game from use of the ships abilities. Flagships have two abilities: a special ability costing auxiliary power and an ultimate consting 40. Flagships earns 5 auxiliary power at the end of each turn. As well as 1 for each energy not used or point of damage taken.

    Star Trek Adversaries tutorial (wiki): your currently selected flagship is the NX class. To edit your decks created with this flagship click the deck button below. To play with the selected deck click the ready button. Your flagship can use a variety of hull designs. Click on the flagship image to choose which design you will take into battle. Click the core button to view your flagship core cards. Don’t forget to try your luck in quark’s draft tournament. We have the best prices in the alpha quadrant.

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    4. y8mv24MPQ5lkn6p - decks
    5. bE0PDHjsaAkdqhT - replicator
    6. VxsSzscJ1OH2jYa - draft ticket
    7. P7BlyhW3QVELYWh - latinum
    8. zspZhFV03lvAnbW - arena token
    9. oDyl5p3s1JAlHZS - auxiliary
    10. MidRZtRGUWT7nJn - energy
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