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    Official site Eternal Empire cheat world: from now on, i will start to build my own castle. Developing the city might become a problem, we need a helper. This looks like an empty field, us this to build a lumber mill. Above are the city’s current resources. Lumber mill will produce a steady flow of wood. We need to train peasants. Click speed up, and you can instantly complete the training. Use the campaign mode to learn how to fight.


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    First, we must learn how to edit battle formations. You can choose to quick dispatch. Learn how to lose less soldiers in battle by completing campaign chapters. Complete story mode tasks - you can level up quickly by doing so! Peasant are warriors, good at shielding and close combat attack. Archers are better at long range attacks and can cause great damage. Archers are very weak on their own, you have to learn how o combine them with warriors so that both are at their best.

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    Eternal Empire tutorial”  /> <br /> Characters: Mona  - crossing the boundaries of death, the end is eternal sleep. Jump out of the ferry of life, and settle in the river of the underworld! Skills: summon skeleton soldiers after combat unit is killed.  Keane - at the clanging of gold, souls rise up to heaven! Bed covered with gems, the Dragon will be comfortable! Skill: deal extra DMG when enemy HP is lower than a certain level. Orcas - the wind is roaring. The blood is burning. The Orcs have been angered! Pain sharpens the will. Revenge drives power. I will release the power of the best under the watch of my ancestors. Skill” increase the city’s wood production.  <img src=
    This is a very wide world, please allow me to give you more details on the world area. Each Lord has their own city in the world area. The higher the castle level is, the more impressive its appearance in the world area will be. Players from different alliances can attack each other and raid resources, but remember to scout before doing so! Protecting your city is also important and you should also garrison your city walls or request garrison from your alliance.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: world area interface, you can check it for more details. Click on a task to check it or claim its rewards. Follow rec. tasks to develop the city quicker. A strong is needed to rule the world. As long as you level up your castle and training camps, you can train stronger soldiers. Changing the appearance of the city can not only add personalized characteristics to it, it can also earn you city bonuses.

    Eternal Empire tutorial (wiki): peace shield - you will not be attack or scouted when you activate the protection shield. Battle morale - increase your troop’s base DMG when using battle morale. Great wall - increase the troops’ base HP> Speed up production - all your resources basic productions are increased by 50%.

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