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    Official site DM Evolution cheat world: my king, the dark battle was so fierce just now! While new challenger will show up soon. It’s our turn. Dag a monster of 4 star and below to perform normal summon. YOu can normal summon 1 monster each turn. Monster cards on the field are in attack position, character with higher attack will win the battle. Now let’ drag Gazelle the king of mythical beasts towards opponent's card to attack (green light on the fame means attack available).


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    Let’s normal summon 4 star gamma the magnet warrior first. Opponent attack is higher than the magnet warrior attack, let’s change it to defense position. Monster card in defense position will be placed horizontally. When defense is higher than opponent attack, the monster that is receiving attack can’t be destroyed. Tap on end, then this turn’s attack is over.

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    Summoning 5 star card and 6 star card on the field needs to tribute 1 monster that hasn’t acted yet. Let’s tribute gamma the magnet warrior to summon black magician girl on to the field. Now our attack is higher than opponent’s, let’s attack directly. Besides monster, we will own spell and trap cards. Let’s check out the powerful fusion spell first. With enough fusion materials, you can use fusion spell card to summon rare monsters. We have time wizard and baby dragon, let’s fuse them into thousand dragon.
    DM Evolution gift box
    rare monsters summoned through fusion can’t attack in current turn. The opponent has changed to defense position, but he still can’t resist our attack. When the enemy has no hero, you can directly attack the opponent. Summon your remaining cards to the field. YOu win the battle when enemy’s LP decrease to 0. We have no characters? Then use a trap card cloning to clone enemy’s hero.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: book of secret art - is a spell, it needs target when casting this spell. Some powerful cards are limited which means you can only bring 1 card per deck. Tap on the card to check for detail information. You can buy different kinds of card packs in grandpa’s shop and obtain monster, spell and trap cards, you can also have a chance to obtain a rare monster. Although there are still many cards waiting for us to collect all around the world, patronizing here is a shortcut to collect cards.

    DM Evolution tutorial (wiki): draw the whole box for the character pack and you’ll obtain all the cards in the box. The best choice for novice duelist’s deck. Battle victory and duelist leveling up mean you can claim achievements rewards. When you need new cards, remember to check on grandpa’s shop. Rare hero don’t need to be added to deck. All you unlocked rare characters can battle on the field.

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    1. Xzn5mmR7eBIrBtJ - magic box
    2. mHxjHUuk2frzSVR - gift
    3. y0XifZdP9I0SxUd - exclusive card pack
    4. iyAWGImKOAfB0Q5 - premium ticket
    5. 7FtEWx19sjJN7ns - evolution
    6. a4RusAy7IYewgaU - points
    7. A5XtwFdoVD7YcxT - gem
    8. XjVGnGZjVmRDWw9 - gold
    9. P6sctuyB44Icm59 - activities
    10. X2AgbfLgq48qJFA -rare monster card
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