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    Official site Salary Defense cheat world: you come to battle, so let you know method of basic move. With these buttons, you can move left and right each. Right now, prese right button two times quickly. YOu can jump monster or avoid distant attack like now using jump. Now touch attack button and defeat monster. Good attack! but, monster is not defeated? Then, finish it with secret attack! Press attack button for two seconds and release it.


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    Warrior has talent, too! The exercised special attack is charged. If you use it efficiently, you can expect great effect. Now defend monster and protect annual salary box! i want to help, but many people are waiting for my help. When annual salary box opens, you should return! You exploit warrior to defend kingdom and foster further. Then, let’s find village warrior will stay.

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    Salary Defense tutorial”  /> <br /> First, let’s find heroes to be new parties. We have two method for hero contract: general and premium recruit. First, would you make general recruit notice? This is the first time, so i will pay notice pay only one time for once. General - in accordance with present annual salary, possibility for hero of high level to come will be increased. Good hero has come beyond our expectation. The now register this hero as parties.  It is the wanted of kingdom to catch brutal in all continents and get annual salary as reward. You can move one wanted site per one locomotive power. Fo locomotive power, it recovers by one per ten minutes. The most careful point in wanted is sometimes seen appearing site of monster. Unless it suppress appearing site of monster, you should remember you cannot go by here. You can look number of above wanted area - this number means level of enemy at wanted area.  <img src=
    You can select hero to register parties by touching, registration is complete at left slot. Then, we register as parties, so we can confirm information of heroes.Hero - you can see the acquired hero a minute ago? This is the window to manage heroes being contracted. YOu can here manage detailed ability information of character. DO not forget to wear equipment as you acquire.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: skills - this is the place to confirm and learn skill of hero speaking of it. Additionally, it is divided as active and passive at upper right of skill icons. YOu can go and find dungeon with dimension gate. There are various dungeons. I wonder you did catch it, but the place king puts annual salary box is around general battle area. Continent is as you know divided into six area. If you clear and reset general stage, you can get honor as a result. Instead, it resets stage of starting area, so select carefully.

    Salary Defense tutorial (wiki): stage is marked under area? Maximum stage warrior has cleared in this area is stored. And using arrow of left, right, from desired stage, you can start battle. If you clear final stage of area, you can progress level of difficulty. Strong monster comes up, but you can gain better equipment. It will be great to aim for level of difficulty. Acquired available - this is the place to be marked item to obtain around present area. Then, observe annual salary via general battle entry.

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    8. Ya8egXihS5ApXF3 - upgrade
    9. 59xLZCu4C8jB5sE - premium pack
    10. 6REWvHY4ojXP3DW - evolve
    11. ZNLBXObhQkS7bFV - level up
    12. 69RM95ka4oVmvSC - hero contract
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