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    Official site Big Company Skytopia cheat world: welcome to your city! Let me introduce myself. I am president cheat-on. I invited the most brilliant minds from all around the world to collaborate on this great project - a floating city. You, as the new mayor of the city, will make it all work. I’ll show you - start by collecting the shipment from the cargo lift. You should order something new right away. keep those lifts running. Get some rations first. They are cheap and shipped in no time.


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    In the meantime, you should have your fabric shipment packed. You need a loading station for that. Open the construction menu. Buy station and place it in your city. Here, pack the fabric so that it can be delivered to the tailor. While you are waiting, collect the shipment of rations from your cargo lift. There’s always plenty of things to do in your city. The task book will provide guidance. Start making money now and produce attire. meet your tallor! he will turn your fabric packages into fine attire.

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    Big Company Skytopia tutorial”  /> <br /> I see that my trust in you was justified, you are the best person for the job. YOu will drive the economy forward, earn money, and reinvest it to see our beautiful floating city grow and thrive. It shall be a place of peace, diplomacy, and prosperity, where mankind overcomes all the problems.Building a city in the clouds - a city for pioneers like you to build advanced factories, produce high quality products and ship them out with your airship. As a matter of fact, the foundations have been built already and cheat-on is willing to invest everything it takes to make this place the first sky empire. With your help, he is determined to make Skytopia the most successful city on this planet and beyond. Are you ready to get started?  <img src=
    For my whole life, i pursued the dream that came true today: with the help of the world’s most brilliant minds, i created an exceptional city, a monument of human rights, where democracy and science prevail and where free and virtuous people will become the beacon for the rest of the world. YOu should always try to keep your citizens happy. That will pay off for you, too, ass happy people work harder!

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: collect or produce missing resources or buy them for gold. Your academy is supposed to get you the certificates for your factories. Your city can only support one construction project at any given time. That means that there can only be one object being built, upgraded, or demolished at the same time.

    Big Company Skytopia tutorial (wiki): Master exciting quests and challenges under the auspices of science. Meet famous scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, and even a young Albert Einstein. Follow in their footsteps and be inspired by their greatest achievements. Meet other entrepreneurs from all over the world. Surround yourself with the smart and wealthy, found a corporation, and share business strategies to grow your big fortune.

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