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    Official site Musketeer Jack cheat world: welcome in the world of the three musketeers, in the France of 17th century. A world of rivalries, fights, spies, plots and vengeances...I introduce myself: Cheat-on, musketeer of the king. Follow me to live an adventure of cards and swords. A hero gives his life for the king. I’m going to teach you how to fight. First lesson: duels follow blackjack rule. The goal is to reach a higher score than your opponent without exceeding 21!


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    TO help you understand, i’m going to fight a duel for you. You have some wiggle room. You can draw another card. You made 19! It’s a good score! You can stop drawing cards to avoid exceeding 21. “fight” button - it’s time to prepare yourself for attack. It’s your opponent’s turn to draw and try to make a better score. YOur score is higher - you win this round. Attack and inflict damage.

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    Musketeer Jack tutorial”  /> <br /> It’s the beginning of a new round. Draw a card. I can’t overcome with such a low score. Draw again. Ouch, you busted by exceeding 21. That means you lose this round and i’m going to take damage. Be careful, each attack that i suffer, i lose life. YOu drew an ace. This card is special. It’s worth 1 or 11, depending on the next card you’ll draw. If you draw a 10, you’ll reach 21 and obtained a blackjack. <img src=
    Each victory yields gold and experience for your characters. You also won a chest! Open it, quick, it contains surprise rewards. Chest contains characters tokens. They allow you to recruit new heroes. There are other kinds of chests which you can acquire in the shop, if you have enough diamonds. Before starting the next fight, let’s go recruit your first comrades in arms. Here we are in the collection page. Here are gathered characters who can come with you in your quest.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: discover the character sheet for lacoste. You can check the amount of tokens for character. Spend tokens to recruit or evolve him. Tap the statistics tab to see his attributes. The hero sheet gathers his information as his statistics and his level. Each fight won unlocks the next fight. Before each fight, you may rearrange your squad. It includes one, two or three characters.

    Musketeer Jack tutorial (wiki): look, something happened after you drew your card! This is your energy meter. Each character has an ability, a special power, available once the meter is full. This meter fills itself when you draw cards corresponding to the character’s suit. Here, you’ll fill the meter when drawing spades. You can use ability, which instantly inflicts a devastating strike to the opponent/ You just have to tap on it to launch it.

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