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    Official site Gun Soul Zombie Wars cheat world: i just received an order from commander to patrol this area. There seems to be abnormal radar reading. Let’s investigate. Zombie? (how can there be zombies!) Eat my bullets. Wow, bunch of tough guys aye. Well, try this skill on for a size. Starship has exploded, but enemies keep coming. Pain runs through your body, reality is fading...Seems like a long time passed.


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    Master, you finally woke up. You were in coma for more than 20 days. I am your helper. Luckily sister Christine saved you, otherwise. Your head was injured in a fierce battle, when the enemy aircraft had been taken down. The injure can cause temporary memory loss. There are a lot of zombies around town. Use energy source gun to protect yourself.

    Gun Soul Zombie Wars cheats android, ios hack codes

    Gun Soul Zombie Wars tutorial”  /> <br /> Since the first infected people had appeared, the number of zombies has been increasing constantly. The virus attacked so suddenly just like a tornado. Different skills can help you on the battlefield. Increase skill level to raise C.rating. Skills: airstrike - drops a nuke bomb inflicting tons of damage. Black hole - pulls targets together and damages them overtime. Laser - shots 4 times. Damages all enemies on the way. <img src=
    Use black hole to scrape together enemies, when they are scattered. Your damage will be more targeted and focused. Destroy the box to get a temporary rare gear. You can use it in battle. Laser cannon uses nano radium enrichment tech, that allows you to shoot with destructive laser. Skill needs to be constantly leveled up to be efficient.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Use laser cannon while zombies are in a straight line. Lots of zombies are coming. Destroy that explosive barrel to cause AOE damage. Brace yourself! Choose ammunition, skills and talents. Form an ideal pet squad and be the victor! Stand against hordes of enemies and free the worlds from alien invaders.

    Gun Soul Zombie Wars tutorial (wiki): carefully manage your bullets to ensure victory. You can enable higher game settings if you have good device. Experience the multitude of features by exploring the game. Gather supplies for the safe house, help the people in need and secure the areas around you so others can live safely. The game can be seen as one with a Walking Dead athmosphere combined with Counter-Strike weapons and is packed full of action in every level. Talk with many NPCs and work together in order to grow your strength and get better weapons.

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