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    Official site Mobile Raid cheat world: i thought that if the main three factions united, it won’t make much ado to take out the Horizon Remnants. But conflict within the alliance arose before the enemy could be eliminated. When the time we agreed on for the joint attack came, my army was the only one there. If it wasn’t for the light of humanity coming when he did, i don’t think i would have made it back. They’ve already taken off their masks of peace, massive war is only a matter of time.


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    The big three factions have been in power for too long. We should enter into a peace alliance with the other smaller factions, maintaining balance so that we can all develop peacefully. We’ll need to strengthen our forces in order to prepare for the state of affairs to come. Base: while you were away in battle the hearts of the people were ill at ease. Many have left, and we are in need of talented heroes. Commander, build a hero guild and recruit talented men and women to your side. Hero guild is where we get skills and recruit heroes. You could send heroes to recruit and earn skill shards. Also, you could hire the heroes you find in recruiting. By the way, the rank of the heroes you hired is decided by CHA of the recruiting heroes.

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    Mobile Raid tutorial”  /> <br /> Heroes with higher CHA can be placed in charge of recruitment to shorten recruitment time and increase the chances for recruiting better heroes. Anna is well experienced and will help you with the rebuilding process. Hire Anna and hire her to become part of our forces. There are many waves of bandits outside the base. One of them must have triggered the alarm.  The general decides the soldier cap. Appoint heroes with high command as your general to bring more soldiers into battle.  <img src=
    Base is seriously damaged. We have to start from the beginning. once we get the power plant and food factory running, we should focus on strengthening administrative affairs. We cannot afford to neglect the expansion of our command post and training grounds. We must restore our military presence within the base as quickly as possible, clear out the surrounding bandits, and ensure stability within the city. City hall level limits the level cap and land cap that the commander may conquer. Upgrading the city hall level will also expand the number of heroes that can be accomodated and unlock more official positions in the base.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: commander post improves the base troop size for all heroes. COM also boosts troop size. You cannot win if you don’t have the numbers. Hero skill, commander union military rank, bonds, congress and decrees also provides bonus troop size. If you have any question, tap the “?” button at the right corner of the building for details. Build the food factory to get a steady supply of provisions that can be used for building and training soldiers. Upgrade the food factory to improve production efficiency and storage cap.

    Mobile Raid tutorial (wiki): heroes with higher CHA is more likely to recruit better heroes. Base building requires a lot of energy. Build the power plant to generate enough energy for supporting daily operations. The mecha factory is where we can train mecha. Attack mecha have additional crit bonus for dealing additional damage against the enemy. Defense mecha shall be positioned at the front row to soak up the damage. The notice board is the place where you can find latest news, offline notifications and game guidance. You may find useful tips in the help screen, getting a better understanding on heroes and other systems.

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    1. OWj7qyQGQBInZgm- legendary hero (orange)
    2. kwhe9BzqEZxgHX3 - gold
    3. S2VKiFgPs4quTmx - resources
    4. YAtFVu8iQLMAyMu - gift box
    5. UWWQk9j4uFiwj0w - upgrade
    6. 2D6Zjk57HkLRLdG - speed up
    7. Kzc9ymj6MrPF8lB - premium pack
    8. WfylgC6kFnCObYX - energy
    9. mpReoZHOqgHv5pQ - food
    10. dLzsLrZy8yim7qU - evolve
    11. LOeUVIDDUJF7JMd - vip ticket
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