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    Official site Fairy Knights cheat world: basic attacking method - tap to rotate and connect the stone tab to the end of one energy track to another. Once it is connected, stone tabs will break and characters will start attacking the opponent. Stone tabs may also be destroyed when it is connected to the same side. Moreover, stone tabs may also break when the energy path circulates.


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    Ways to use magical powers: if there are element symbols (fire, water, earth, forest, wind) when breaking the stone tabs, magical damage is dealt instead of physical damage. If there are at least 2 same elements, corresponding level of magic gets activated. BP and attacking order: characters can start to attack in the order their green BP gauge turns 100%. In order to take the lead, BP needs to be managed well.

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    Fairy Knights tutorial”  /> <br /> More BP gauge is lost proportional to the character's attack rate (%). For example: 200% damage spends more BP than 100% damage. SHield and guard: guard can be done when a character equips a shield. A successful guard can reduce received damage but the durability gets lower than at a normal rate. Consecutive attack - succession of destroyed stone tablets will add an attack or magic. In a turn, maximum of 5 attacks or magics can be used.  <img src=
    Status window - when a button on the right screen is pressed, the status screen appears. You can learn how to play the game here. Unusable magic - those elements that a character can’t use appear gray. Even if they are connected the trait gets ignored. Attack limit due to BP - BP is used once the character attacks or uses magic. If the BP becomes 0, even if there’s a remaining attack skill, other attacks automatically disappear.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: if you wish to repair or upgrade your weapons use shop often. When your buying an item, if you can use the weapon try to pose with a smile. Destroy all enemies. various skills and magics await you. Unique characters that make the story more interesting. A new battle system that requires strategical thinking.

    Fairy Knights tutorial (wiki): an adventure on a search to reveal the kingdom’s hidden secrets. Numerous types of weapons! Make it stroneg through upgrades! This is like a classic JRPG game that one can be heartwarmed by the stories and can enjoy the development of the characters.Various weapons and varying skills, with numerous splendid magical effects.

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