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    Official site Wartide cheat world: long ago, the gods of Mount Olympus divided the world between them. Poseidon ruled the Sea. He bestowed the prosperous island of Atlantis unto his people. His elder son, Atlas, ruled over the land. Filler with rage, Poseidon destroyed Atlantis so neither could rule. Survivors have spent generations rebuilding our homeland. We seek a new leader...


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    I’m getting reports of bandits nearby, rumor has it that the turncoat inventor is with them. let’s find out! Battles cost food, but the rewards we bring home will be worth it. Use characters: Leandros - as a defender, his role is to take damage while protecting other units. Demetra’s eagle allow her piercing arrow to fly straight through any foe who dares face her. Demetra and her archers are exposed. Deploy Leandros troops in front of her and we’ll protect them.

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    Wartide tutorial”  /> <br /> Have you noticed the hero energy collecting in the shared team pool? Use it to unleash powerful abilities. Every enemy we defeat drops mana. use this precious resource to upgrade our abilities. Level up heroes with XP elixirs from chests and raid rewards. Hero line up positions determine ability firing orders in auto combat. Golden key - it can be used to unlock a gold chest which contains some of the best rewards we can get.  <img src=
    Skills: Keandros issues a shield stun, follower=d by a few confident swings of his blade to cut down his enemy. Zeph channels the strength, ferocity, and dominance of the legendary great white as he unleashes a devastating flail attack on all enemies around him. Rexenor - always the right potion at the ready. Rexenor brews a revitalizing daught that heals his allies over time.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:look out for visiting merchants docked at the airship Emporium. Some heroes have deployment abilities to buff nearby allies. YOu can fire several abilities at once, if you save the energy. There is a chance to find special dungeons or treasures during campaign battles. Upgrade runes to maximize their powers. Slay enemies to earn mana, then spend it to upgrade hero abilities.

    Wartide tutorial (wiki): upgrade runes to maximize their powers. There is a chance to find special dungeons or treasures during campaign battles. Flanking the enemy when they are fighting will triple (3x) the damage. Some heroes have magical powers and some are physical power masters. Check the deployment arrows to review hero targeting ahead of battle.

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