Seal of Codex cheats code hack (gold, stamina, diamonds, key)
Seal of Codex hacked
  • Android secrets Seal of Codex: tips, tricks, cheat, hacks apk bug free mode (no download).

    Free cheats code list Seal of Codex - promo code, luxury pack, gold, diamonds, gift box, keys, rainbox seal, red crystal, soul stones, stamina, wiki, tutorial. Tips to repair durability, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

    Official site Seal of Codex cheat world: you’re that legendary guardian! I’ve waited for you for so long! I’m cheat-on, a Goddess protecting time itself. All of the time continuums in this world, have become a chaotic mess! The good people of the world have been changed, into evil...Are you willing to help me fix time continuums? I know a place that can pull people from other timelines to help us! let me take you there! Hurry and summon up some companions to help me, oh legendary guardian!


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    Please follow the instructions, and begin your journey to repair the world. Campaign - here you can check the enemies in this stage, as well as the drops when you complete the stage. Choose 3 heroes for the battle. Connect jewels to use the hero’s link skill. The longer the connection, the stronger the attack. Over a certain amount, a ultimate skill jewel will appear.

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    Seal of Codex tutorial”  /> <br /> Click tip button in the upper left corner to review it if anything unclear. Keep using skill to accumulate fever energy in the lower right corner. It will increase as accumulating certain amount of jewels. Tap to use fever and enter into maniac state. Then quickly tap the ultimate skill jewel at the bottom. Event: during the Apex arena enhancement event period, talent point received increase 20%.  <img src=
    During the ranking event, player points will be calculated. The more total points, the better the reward. Limited time event token exchange, hurry and use those tokens to bring event items home. Check more events and rewards in the vent button on the main screen. Tap on the hero to remove them from the team, and tap on the new hero to add them to the party.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: in co-op mode, players take turns attacking the enemies. Use the emojis to communicate with your partner. Check the guild shop and purchase some special items. YOu need at least 9 heroes to enter the Apex arena! You can get your invite code in friend menu. Share it with your friends. When you get a new hero, you can use it as your avatar.

    Seal of Codex tutorial (wiki): click on the avatar icon on the upper left on the main screen to change your nickname and avatar. After unlocking ARMS, heroes will look even cooler. Activating both normal and premium monthly passes gives you twice the amount of diamonds, and some special privileges. Getting more stars in the battle gives you more rewards.

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