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    Official site Skyland Rush cheat world: this land is taken over by evil creatures. I am cheat-on, struggling to restore peace, you’ve been selected to help. Mastering how to fly is your primary goal. Touch the screen to fly up, or don’t touch it to fly down. Try balance in the middle. Great, you can fly almost as good as i do! Now let’s see your next goal.


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    Collecting coins and other stuff will be crucial to your progress. I am sure you will find coin trails so delightful! i just can’t help following them! That was good, now let’s go into more action. Auto shooting is on, on my flying jet, so it’s just a matter of targeting. Balance and shoot! Try to smash enemy boxes. Boxes are good, but shooting real enemies is way more fun!

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    Skyland Rush tutorial”  /> <br /> Smashing bugs gives you points, keep on! You smoked them! But enemies will come in packs soon enough. In that event, bombs! Will come in handy. To use a bomb, swipe right, then watch the bugsters dropping like flies. And now it’s time to get Charmed! YOu may choose to use several aids when starting a ride, such as the shield, or the dual cannons.  <img src=
    Let’s see what they do. First - the shield, it protects you from a shot or a touch of evil. Protected you from losing a life. Need more firepower? Call a couple of friends, i mean, cannons! Two cannons will follow you, causing extra damage to the bugsters ahead of you. Excellent, you’re now ready for some serious bug smashing! Charms are my little magic in the game. Use them wisely, they can help you skyrocket your score.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: you will only be able to pick charms before each ride so plan ahead. Charms: shield, 5 containers, hearts, dual cannon. Missions are fun and coin worthy. Score any of your active missions for more coins. Like challenges? That is the place to be! Complete in daily speed rush challenges. Summon all your flying skills and score the longest distance.

    Skyland Rush tutorial (wiki): A long journey lies ahead, dark times shall not prevail! Tap and balance through dense vegetation, blocking rocks and dangerous caves! Collect powerful charms to wipe out all the enemy creatures with your super weapons. Avoid or smash the obstacles and spot the hidden traps ahead in order to disable them in time.

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