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    Official site Walking Dead Invasion cheat world: a horrific virus has appeared in our city that turns anyone infected into a zombie. In many areas the entire population has been infected. The government has tried to lock down these neighbourhoods. However, intel is coming through that indicates there are survivors and they’re waiting for rescue. Our mission is to eliminate the zombies and rescue as many survivors as we can. The team will coordinate our counter attack. Get your weapons ready and get out there.


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    First we need to equip the weapons you want to use. Then we need to upgrade our weapons for more firepower. Last step - stock up on ammo. Well done. A new mission has just arrived. Select it to begin. If you’re stuck on a mission, you can select another. A wave of zombies is on its way. Open fire and take them down. Slide the screen to adjust the crosshairs.

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    Walking Dead Invasion tutorial”  /> <br /> It looks like that ammo might not be enough. Better take some more. Collect rewards and then let’s go buy some supplies. First, buy some grenades so we can blow those zombies to smithereens. Buy some med kits so you can increase your health points if you get into trouble. Great, it looks like you’re itching to try out your new hardware. <img src=
    If your health gets to a dangerous level, use a med kit immediately. Using medicine can extend your lifespan. See the enemy gathering opposite your position? Throw a grenade to take them out. Grenades are essential to deal with large groups of zombies. Perfect, it looks like you’ve mastered the basic of combat. From here on out, you’re on your own. Good luck.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: the gold clip gives you unlimited ammo. Dummies can be used as decoys to attract enemies. Prioritise shooting zombie dogs and zombie bats first. You can unlock the most powerful weapons in advance with cash or hack cheats code. Supplies and equipment must be placed in the column.

    Walking Dead Invasion tutorial (wiki): If your funds are running low, take a spin and try your luck. YOu can score high and get big rewards for headshots and kill streaks. Lucky spinner: you can shuffle through different prizes until there is something you want to spin for. Push spin to try your luck. If you win a particular item, you won’t be able to win that item again.

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