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    Official site King of Dead cheat world: winter is coming, we know that evil comes with it. People say the world will end either in fire or ice. When the throne is empty, the desire for power awaken the beast in every man. Our stories start here...You know that winter and darkness are coming, but you would rather fall in battle than crawl in a hole to live the rest of your life. So you decide to set your foot on the road to the king again.


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    My Lord, where have you gone? This world in chaos! Your subjects are waiting for your return. We are surrounded by enemies, the south is ready to make their move, we need to recover our lost territory as soon as possible. The imp is outside of the city with his army, they already attacked us. We haven’t even sat down. Wise decision My Lord! The city is full of the old and weak. We cannot fight them head on! We need to retreat to the Holy guard Valley! The supplies we received from our people will help us rebuild quickly.

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    Giant rider and his men blocked our path. We have to eliminate them and liberate this land so we can continue to pursue the whereabouts of Princess Isia. If we are going to eliminate Giant rider, we will need more soldiers. A strong army will terrify the enemy. Please build a barrack and recruit more troops. The barracks can recruit many troops to fight for you. Start building a powerful legion now.
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    You can also recruit troops while upgrade buildings to make the most of your time. Follow the mission task. We will have a clear guide and also receive plenty of rewards. The castle is the core structure of the city! Upgrade the castle to enhance your strength. Practice using “free” can greatly increase your efficiency. YOu need to defeat all the enemies before capturing the territory. Understanding the strategy of sieging can earn you victory.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: Enhancing your gear is a good way to increase your hero’s power really quickly. The development speed of your city is amazing. Now let’s look at the way that can speed up your construction. YOu can use speed up items to shorten the construction time. Speed up items can be obtained as rewards from mission quests.

    King of Dead tutorial (wiki): when your city wall’s durability falls to 0, it will be breached and all your traps will be deactivated. Upgrade your city wall to increase the maximum number of traps. Go to academy and research floor spikes will unlock it. Multiple heroes can help you win the battle. Different heroes have different skills, and their special abilities are the keys to get the victory in the battle and make a well-developed kingdom.

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