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    Official site Knights of Fury cheat world: so, you want to become a rage knight? Do you really think you’re up to it? You don’t look like much, but maybe i see a glint in your eye. Well met. You’d better take a seat, there’s a log over there by the fire. Forgive my rudeness - i should introduce myself. My name is cheat-on. I’ll be your guide and mentor, if you’re good enough. And this..? This is Astellan. An island n edge of the world. The last outpost of normality.


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    The locals just have few wild animals and goblins to worry about. It’s paradise compared to the chaos that reigns elsewhere. Yes, this world needs a new rage knight, and i intend to train one, but few are talented enough to learn what it takes. Are you up to it? Show me what you’ve got by defeating those beats. Ok, let’s start with some basic attacks.

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    Knights of Fury tutorial”  /> <br /> Controls: tap the screen to attack. Each attack costs one action, you have four in your turn. Tap repeatedly to chain attacks together. Tap the screen straight after the attack to continue the chain. When you run out of actions, your turn ends and the enemy turn begins. Chained attacks do more damage, so do them as often as you can. The last attack in a chain does extra bonus damage: an ultimate attack. You’ve shown me you can use a sword, but that is a small part of what it means to be a rage knight. Don’t get too comfy, we’ve got work to do. Let’s pack up this camp and get going.  <img src=
    Your first quest will be to reclaim a gauntlet of power, only then, can you truly say that you are a rage knight. The Valiant gauntlet is kept safe at the tomb of heroes. It was stored there to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. We’ll have to fight our way there, the roads are hazardous. We have more than one enemy? Take a look at what you’re up against. Swipe to the right to perform a side attack on the adjacent enemy and continue the chain.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: most enemies target your armor first, but some, like goblin archers, pierce armor and hit your health. The archers at the back are being protected by the goblin at the front. You’ll need to defeat the front one first. Rage gauntlet - the weapon and symbol of the rage knight. It is a relic that gives you the power to summon the spirits of legendary heroes to do your bidding. It gives you the right to be a member of the order of rage, and you and i will rebuild that order into something great again.

    Knights of Fury tutorial (wiki): attacking builds up your hero’s power. With enough power you can command the spirit of a hero to attack. It takes time to charge up hero attack, but they are all powerful or useful. Each hero has their own unique attacks. Choose the right one for your battle, if you want to win. Your gauntlet also harnesses your rage! Punch your enemies and your rage grows. Release it to unleash a hero’s rage power. You can also mix sword attacks with gauntlet attacks. If you end the chain with a puch you will get extra rage. Quickly, while the rage flows, call on a hero to do their rage power.

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