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    Official site Diosa Force Salvation cheat world: caused by sudden chaotic Elemental anomalies, monsters begin their assaults. Goddess Temple of Attimilan Village is under siege. In an attempt to save their friend Zoe who is in the temple, Jacques and Achilles, two young brave swordsmen, boldly go to the temple and fight unknown enemies.


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    I’m cheat-on. I’m sent by the Goddess to assist ambassadors. Sky island is blessed with the gentle wind element. But now, it’s in danger...We have to find out the contaminated wind origin and let the Goddess purity it. Select “battle preparation” to organize the team. Before the adventure starts, let’s learn some cool gameplay. Make use of the “pursuit” ability to generate massive damage. Fire dragon in the team has a fire starter skill that carries “burnt” effect. While the enemy is “burnt”. use achilles’ skill, “explosion S” to pursue.

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    Diosa Force Salvation tutorial”  /> <br /> Use summon to increase the size of our team. There are several types of summons: normal, summon hero, equipment and limited. Free summon chances are available every day. Don’t forget that every kind of summon has its own content. After selecting heroes, you can increase their abilities and view their information. Insta upgrade only increases 1 level at a time; 10 levels up can increase 10 levels at a time, and consume the corresponding number of experience books. You can directly tap exp book to increase level. Use a stringer team in battle.  <img src=
    Hero’s attack modes are divided as melee and remote. Please choose wisely. Some skills of certain heroes may interrupt casting or channelling of enemy skill. Step up the pace by toggling speed up now! Apart from manual operation, you can also use “auto” to release skills automatically. When acquiring same hero or evolution crystal of same rarity, you may use them to rank up the star rank. With higher star rank, hero will have higher level limit and more skills. Evolution crystals can be converted from duplicate full star characters.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: when achieving certain rank and level, you may raise class rank by consuming matching quality upgrade materials. Other than increasing general strength, certain class rank also unlocks new skills. When heroes reach grade 3, they can learn overwhelming ultimates. Ticket of infinity - it allows you to do infinite time of summoning till you are satisfy with the result. use ticket of infinity to get much stronger heroes! Infinite summon allows infinite chances, so you can summon the preferred hero.

    Diosa Force Salvation tutorial (wiki): element relations: earth, water, fire, and wind counter one another in that order (wind counters earth), while light and dark counter one another. When 3 energy slots are full, you can swipe upward on the hero’s avatar to use an ultimate skill. Once heroes use their normal attacks a certain number of times, they will cast an auto skill. The number of times depends on the hero.

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    7. mPmWczHYoW4zFbj - forge ore
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    9. ooNBw8hIWxbYnhy - diamonds
    10. R0IUJBmuHzsQjWl - premium pack
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