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    Official site RebirthM cheat world: the peace of generation has ended. The north Verkhan kingdom resurrected the evil god and sent to the Arkloth continent. Then, the three kingdom that was closest to Verkhan have made an united fort. They went against Verkhan but, the united fort power was useless when compared to the evil power that the Verkhan monsters had. When they were doing their best and going against the endless monsters. There were people who were trying to protect the continent. Now the world is waiting for new heroes. That will stop this chaos.


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    Progressing quest will get you moved automatically to the destination. You can partake in feasts three separate times a day. After eating, you will get a large amount of stamina. The Goddess has prepared for new adventure groups “novice festival” for the long journey. As long as players complete certain missions, they can receive deluxe rewards in Novice festival every day. Completing missions can also increase progress value, which can be redeemed prizes when it’s full.

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    Eleven generations of peace had reigned between the Kingdom of Kaerok and the realm of Aravia - a peace now shattered by King Tayba’s brutal campaign of expansion into the neutral lands between the two kingdoms. Once revered as a pillar of justice, King Tayba had imposed crushing taxes to finance his war with his former ally, bringing desolation and ruin upon his own people. Had the king lost all reason? On the orders of the arbiter, the company set out to persuade him to ally to the next available enemy. Level up your hero to continue leveling skills. Add Xp to heroes to level them up and increase their stats, like damage and health.
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    Characters: a Celine archer - able to slay enemies from afar with precision with deadly arrows. Berserker (a Serak warrior) - only striving for power, he relishes crushing all enemies. Wizard (a Navi spellcaster) - wields the power of magic, and deals attack that. Slayer (a Human swordsman) - a master of dual blades that deal swift, deadly attacks.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: One of your hero can level up - you’re going to increase this character’s statistics. Do it as soon as possible. Switch - this button allows to rotate your team. That way, you can choose who is in the front line. Rotate your team allows you to put a seasoned fighter in front line or to put another one in safety when he’s hurt.

    RebirthM tutorial (wiki): till riding a horse on the field? Try and feel the wind with a flying mount. Make your character bright as it could be with beautiful wings! You can get them at the magician’s tower. Join dungeons and receive goodies! Dungeon entrance resets every midnight! Regularly, a free chest is bestowed on you. Tap this chest to redeem it.

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