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    Official site Castle Burn cheat world: welcome, master! You will do some basic training before joining the league. let’s start your battle. Destroy opponent’s castle and win battle. Units and buildings can be deployed in your territory. When a camp is built, the territory expands. Build a camp - it also increases capacity, which allows you to deploy more units, when a camp is completed.


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    A mana sanctum is a building which collects aman, an essential resource. Unless destroyed, a mana sanctum collect mana continuously. To use a card, it must be added to your deck. When two cards are added, a castle tier upgrade commences. Your castle has completed upgrading to tier 2? Tier 2 cards are now available to add to your deck.

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    Castle Burn tutorial”  /> <br /> Deploy unit cards on the battlefield. They head to the opponent's castle. Deploy your hero, Jeanne, on the battlefield. Jeanne has great attack speed and deals powerful damage. Use hero’s skill - increases her movement speed and attack speed. After winning a battle, you will get a victory card pack. Open it, and get cards. There’s a card available for you to upgrade. Move to castle and upgrade it. You can upgrade on the cards menu.  <img src=
    Characters: vikings - stand on the frontlines with their iron axes and sturdy shields. Their armaments may seem scanty at first look, but they get the job done. Rifleman - war veterans trained to attack their foes from afar. The years they’ve spent on the battlefield have only served to hone their marksmanship and skill with a rifle. Archers - serve to protect their castles from enemies both on the group and in the air. They do not wear armor, as their primary duty is ti rain arrows down upon their foes.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: to upgrade cards, use duplicate card and gold to fill the upgrade meter. By completing the quest, you will get promoted to a regular league. All provided quests from battle have a card pack as a reward. Don’t forget to claim them. The person who gets the most crown points from ranked matches, wins the league.

    Castle Burn tutorial (wiki): area type damage, such as that death by fire pillar, is weaker towards its edges. If both castles are destroyed at the same time, the battle will end in a draw. Archer towers - rain arrows upon enemies from relative safety. These towers have an increased rate of fire, but the exact means by which this occurs is a mystery. Castle will upgrade to tier 2 if you register 2 cards and tier 3 if you register 4 cards.

    Heroes: Aella - her love of fighting against powerful opponents brought her to this land after she heard of the crown league. She now displays her mighty bow skill. Leon the conqueror - having conquered the entirety of his homeland, Leon crossed the seas to this land in order to continue his conquest. A true king, he always fights on the frontlines, making great efforts to protect his allies.

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