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    Official site RunRun Apocalypse I hate Fish cheat world: the amount of fish entering the drain is decreasing day by day. It wasn’t like this until a few years ago. I miss you. Blue sky! Scent of the rough sea. Fish full of tanks. But the sea and the fish...I always think of a bad day again. The boat broke and lost consciousness. Luckily, i was forced to the shore. Rumor has it that the human race was occupied by fish and almost extinct. I’m one of the few survivors. It’s dangerous outside. But, i can’t hide for life in this foul sewer. I promise to save mankind from the fish.


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    Menu list: status, bag, pet, book, shop , store, skill and quest. bag - you can mount, release intre forced, sell equipment, items, and view current state and consumption items. Reinforcement - enhance with reinforcement fishinganization items. Pet - to acquire a pet, a hidden condition must be achieved and each pet has a buff skill. Flowerpot - break (click) the pot and get the key and gold. (the key disappears when the game ends). Treasure - it can be unlocked with the key, and it can be randomly obtained with diggory consumption, item, key.

    RunRun Apocalypse I hate Fish cheats android, ios hack codes


    Dictionary - you can check the items of equipment that i have collected and will be activated when the items are acquired. Shop - you can pick up equipment items from random boxes and buy gold or rubies. Store - you can purchase consumption items, buff items, bait and upgrade your fishing zone. Quest - confirm your quest and receive rewards. End game - if you are attacked and your player becomes 0 or falls into the sea, the game will end.
    RunRun Apocalypse I hate Fish gift box
    You can register in the notification window via the check button in the quest window and view it by clicking the icon to the right of the screen. Skill - you can check your skills and raise them with Poseidon’s scales (dragging the screen will switch skills). Fishing - it’s done automatically when you wait in the lobby and you need a bait for the hook. Poseidon - eliminate 100 sterers, Poseidon appears. When you defeat them, you get scales.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets: status - there are a total of six attack defensives health estimated attacks or critical strike rate. Level - depending on the acquired experience, the levels rise and will automatically increase when the level is raised. Attack - if the player is damaged during a collision with a monster, it will attack automatically. Jump - automatically jump according to circumstances.

    RunRun Apocalypse I hate Fish tutorial (wiki): fish - eliminate monsters in the game and get their experience and the number of treatments will be displayed in the upper right corner. Obstruction - if hit, damage is sustained and can be taken over to an auto jump or jump button. Fairy - they appear to assist player from time to time and randomly sprinkle items and gold. Consumption - click to display the consumption items you have and use them (another click will close your bag).

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    1. IoMlrMFkUJB192N - gold
    2. uX4TbD13Cw03jZi - ruby
    3. x8gbhETrN6t0ph1 - hearts
    4. 7tIrKX0aoRFrWbh - gift box
    5. AK4tIQuDzJfkt85 - treasure chest
    6. BKqIF0Osz0YD1DZ - legendary item
    7. D8kmGsIKEpboUx3 - premium pack
    8. ikSzR53Qswuq6OX - upgrade
    9. VmDi5SwK8Y2b0Mh - level up
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